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Klaus Meine was born on May 25, 1948, in the small town of Wendmark, not far from Hannover. He was born in the family of Erna Meine and Hugo Meine. The boy inherited his love for music from his father, who was a member of the urban band "House band". Klaus Mine grew up listening to guitar, piano, mandolin. From infancy he dreamed of devoting himself to music.

During his school years, he preferred to play football and take music lessons and did not think about further education. His life changed dramatically in the early 60s when he met Rudolph Schenker. In 1965, they both became the founders of the legendary group “Scorpions". They formed the group in 1965.

In 1981, a tragedy occurred. After the world tour, Klaus Mine lost his voice during the recording of the “Blackout” album. He could not speak or sing. But after the operation on the ligaments, he gradually regained the strength of his voice. From then until now, Klaus continues to sing. His most famous songs are “Wind of Change”, “You and I”, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and many others. Klaus Mine is included in the list of the most talented vocalists of the 20th century.

Klaus Mayne earned his first money as a singer when he was just a kid.

“I was eight or nine years old, and at one of the family parties I was asked to stand on a chair and sing Ave Maria. For this, he received five German marks. Then I had a very sweet tenor, and he was more suitable for this song than for rock and roll.

Klaus’s main source of income is income from the sale of Scorpions' albums, which are still popular with millions of people around the world. Author's contributions also come to him as he wrote lyrics to many songs of his cult group. Sometimes I tried myself as a composer and wrote music.

Modern fans not only listen to music, but also watch it. Scorpions music videos are watched on TV, YouTube, etc. Video views also bring good money in the pocket of Klaus Mein.

The family of Klaus Mein is his fans. Although in the music world it is very rare when a star binds himself to marriage only once in his life and lives happily with his soul mate, Klaus Mein is a man of this kind.

He has lived with his wife, Gaby Main, since 1976. The couple has a son, Christian, who was born December 12, 1985

The singer is known as a fan of expensive cars, he is the owner of a luxurious Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Klaus also likes to spend his money on restaurants. His favorite restaurant, where he can spend a hefty sum for the evening is Henssler Henssler Restaurant in Hamburg.

The favorite dish of the singer is an Argentine steak. As for drinks, he prefers light dry white wines. When a singer travels the world, he prefers to go to Asian restaurants.

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