VAZ-2101 (Lada) "Zhiguli" ? Car makes

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At the heart of the "VAZ-2101" – Italian FIAT-124. The manufacturers of Fiat seriously refined their cars for Russian use, making about a thousand modifications to the design. Engines until the end of the release of "Kopeyka" were going to Fiat and refined at the WHA.

Increased weight, strengthened the body, suspension, in the power system introduced a new two-chamber carburetor. Much has been done to enhance the strength and safety of the structure, but the engine has undergone major changes. The new engine was much more powerful, the car had a significantly reduced gas mileage. After thorough bench testing, the car went into serial production.

In 1974, the VAZ-21011 appeared with a slightly upgraded engine and slight changes in appearance. The new version was present brake lights, reflectors on the turn signals. In 1977, the VAZ-21013 was released with a body from the VAZ-21011 and an upgraded penny engine. By 1982, all models except the VAZ-21013, ceased to produce and until 1988 produced only the VAZ-21013.

Lada with indices 1200, 1300, 1500 – the names of export versions of the WHA. “Kopek” was presented at exhibitions and competitions, exported to European countries, received many awards, for example, the gold medal in Leipzig in 1975.

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