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Most of the girls expect romance from the first date, even if it is completely out of the original. You can make an appointment in any place with romantic traditions. A great option – near the monument, which has met more than one couple in love. Some girls prefer the gentleman to pick them up in a car. In any case, it is expected that the guy will be with flowers.

The next step in a perfect date is a relaxed walk with conversations that allow you to get to know each other better. It should take place in beautiful, interesting places. On the first date, the guy is unlikely to get the girl's consent to wander through the poorly populated park, but this option is possible at the later stages of dating.

In the process of walking lovers can go to the cafe. The girls really like the surprises associated with pre-ordering a table in some cozy place. At dinner, the acquaintance will continue.

After a cafe, a loving couple can go to the movies or just walk through the streets. At this stage, it is expected that the guy will demonstrate a desire for intimacy, avoiding excessive perseverance. A girl can go to meet the wishes of the gentleman, and can be limited to an innocent kiss goodbye.

The final moment of a perfect date is a call or a romantic message (about half an hour after the girl returns home). It is good if the guy thanks his beloved for a great time and has a new date.

There are also many romantics among men, so they will like candlelight dinner too. However, they are more pragmatic, so they would rather prefer a bar with a satisfying meal than a restaurant with crazy prices.

It is believed that most guys dream of a smooth transition of a romantic dinner in a romantic breakfast. In fact, they are quite capable of enjoying the process of meeting with the beloved, although they would not refuse to get close to her.

Dating is usually arranged by guys. Yes, and the process of courtship is a purely masculine affair. But the girl can also please the gentleman on a date. She should talk less on abstract topics, fixing attention on the guy himself. Such attention to him will be pleased.

In the cafe, the girl should keep a low profile, especially if she doesn’t know the guy’s financial capabilities. It is not recommended to choose the most expensive dishes in the menu. However, if a gentleman made an order of several dishes, it would be foolish to be content with a cup of coffee.

If you can see that the guy has made every effort to organize a truly memorable date, he should sincerely thank him for demonstrating his delight. At parting, it will not be superfluous to give a promising kiss.

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