Gospel singer Tope Alabi says she's not trying to live a wrong life … -Nigerian

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Nigerian gospel artist Tope Alabi, who recently surfed the internet with her spontaneous worship song "Logan Ti Ode" and introduced TY Bello, songwriter and star photographer.

The video was viewed by several hundred thousand people on multiple multimedia platforms, especially on the YouTube and Instagram pages of both singers. Many fans commented on how the song inspired them and moved to tears.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the singer announced that she composed 16 songs that day and insisted they were not required.

According to Alabi, many celebrities live a false life, but despite their fame, she has made a conscious effort not to live like them.

"I still go to the market to buy groceries. I do not like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving the life of a celebrity. Sometimes, when I want to go out, I use public transport. There was a day when I boarded the BRT bus in Lagos to get to the popular Balogun market. I could hear the passengers whispering to each other.

"You argued about whether I am or not. They said that Tope Alabi was not a poor person, so she could not be on a public bus. When I got out just before the bus, I gave my identity to the driver, and many passengers had to get off the bus to take pictures with me.

"Sometimes you have to get a sense of what it feels like to be an ordinary woman in the street. Many celebrities do not live in reality and can not do what they want. that's why I do not restrict myself. If someone does not have the freedom to do what they want, like any other person on the street, it leads to depression that can even lead to death.

"Some people are trying to sell me N20,000 worth of fabric because I'm a celebrity. You do not bother to find out if I have this money or not. Leading a wrong life can lead to debt, as some celebrities always want to stick to a certain standard, "she said.

Alabi explained how she enjoys taking long walks in her neighborhood and described it as "the kind of life I like".

"Someone once told me to take care of escorts for safety reasons, but I refused because I did not need them and still did not need them. I'm still discreet about my movement, but I still live a normal life.

"I believe that I only buy what I can afford. I'm not materialistic I always hear different stories from celebrities who lie about their material possessions. There is no need to lead an extravagant life, "she added.

Alabi describes how she felt the acceptance of viral music and said she had no idea that she would become a successful gospel artist.
Excerpts from Punch

* Beautiful, blessed and talented ….. * blows kiss *

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