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On July 22, 1962, the future actor Roman Sergeevich Madyanov was born in the small town of Dedovsk in the Moscow region. The boy was raised in an intelligent family. His father worked in television, and his mother was a librarian. Since early childhood, Roman had a genuine interest in working on TV, and, together with his brother, disappeared from his dad after work.

When the boy was barely ten years old, he was noticed by one of the workers at Mosfilm Studio. So Roman was on trial at the famous Soviet film director Georgy Danelia. Madyanov successfully passed the test and was approved for the main role in the film “Absolutely Lost”. The film was a cinema adaptation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

By the age of 16 the boy had a fairly substantial list of works in the cinema. The early start of a career greatly affected school performance: regular transfers for filming did not leave time to do the lessons. Roman somehow finished school, but he knew exactly who he would be by profession. On the recommendation of his father, Roman went to Moscow to enroll in one of the most famous theater universities – GITIS.

With already a decent experience in the cinema, Roman, confident in his abilities, could not do the first attempt. The problem was just a solid experience of playing in films, in the university they paid special attention to work in the theater, and they did not consider their roles in the cinema as a positive experience. From the second attempt, the young actor nevertheless managed to enter, but at the same time he had to assure the management in writing that he would not take part in the filming of films during his studies.

Madyanov very quickly got used to the theater stage and with great pleasure took part in the performances. He graduated with honors, but the work in the theater and cinema had to be postponed for two years due to conscription.

In 1987, after demobilization, he returned to the Mayakovsky Theater and continued to work, simultaneously filming a movie. To date, the venerable actor has more than 150 roles in various film works and television series.

Roman Madyanov became practically hostage to the image. Most often, he is invited to play the role of another oligarch, official or corrupt policeman. It is worth noting that playing the role of different scum, the actor easily convinces the viewer that they really are a bad person.

Roman Madyanov is radically different from his images in the movies. He is a loyal and faithful husband. He met his wife in his native theater, where the girl worked as a stage illuminator. Since 1992, they live in a formal marriage. In 1993, the couple had their only son, whom they decided to name in honor of their father.

Roman Madyanov Jr. was introduced to himself from childhood, his parents did not limit his choice, he made many decisions himself. To date, he graduated from music school and works on television.

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