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– Girl, what's your name?

– It is written on the badge! – the cashier of the construction store replied rudely to a suspicious, untidy, tall as a tower, with a sharp and bald skull and ears like a cheburashka buyer.

– Catherine! – the customer read the syllables and smiled faintly. – Thank!

– To health! – the cashier muttered, just stepping in on her first shift in the new job, but the buyer was already gone. True, in two hours he appeared again.

– Catherine, forgiveness is my hunger for you to be with you! – worrying, he told the cashier.

– Shaw ?! – I did not understand the cashier.

– He magnified and painted in his head nude and depraved, then exploited for satanic purposes. I chew, Catherine! Forgiveness is my hunger!

– Are you … are you kidding me? I'll call the guard now! – Catherine worried, realizing that she was dealing with a madman.

Then the cashier's shift supervisor, Mila, taxied to the checkout counter. Broken lady "deep for forty."

– What, Kate, and you cheated on!? Welcome to our club. This is Igor. The local psycho. Igor, what are you scaring new?

– Forgiveness, my hunger!

– Forgive him, Katya, otherwise she will not lag behind. He is harmless. First jerk off on you, and then he asks for forgiveness. Crime and punishment in the classics. All of us have been “tricked” and more than once.

– cheat, Catherine! – howled psycho, – Forgiveness …

– Yes, I forgive, forgive, jerking on health! – the newcomer yelled at him.

Igorek sucked in his head and, mysteriously smiling, ran towards the exit.

– Why is he so strange? – asked Mila Kate.

– Well, the type of sin with a handjob. From here – "has tricked". Five years to us already goes as in a brothel. – Mila began to tell, – the Director arranged her daughter here. To study with people to work, did not grow idiot. We did not have time to instruct her, like you. Duck here it was … She could not realize everything, that she, daughter of the director of a chain of stores, was cheated …

– Tin!

– Yeah. And Igorka did not want to forgive. And he, if he is not forgiven, takes off his pants and asks for punishment. So that. The matter ended with the fact that the daughter was a fool-fool, and the psychologist was subtle. She told him that she had cheated on him. He asked to repent, and she fuck him with a matt of choice. Ran away in tears, poor fellow. There was no week. Went around her then sideways. I too would get rid of him so much, but the language does not turn such a dirty trick to say. And what with me, will lose?

– Yes, let at least someone … – Catherine agreed.

– Let it be! – Milka sighed. And both sadly thought about their own, about women.

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