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Even in simple mobile phones there are many entertaining functions, what can we say about smartphones. At recess, a child may well play a favorite toy, watch an interesting video. During the same educational process is completely unacceptable. The student is distracted, does not happen to the teacher, does not perceive new information, and therefore will inevitably become lagging behind. Continuing to behave this way, the student will find it harder and harder to catch up with the program, because knowledge gaps will accumulate like a snowball.

If the child uses the phone in the classroom to help him, it is also unacceptable. In Soviet times, mathematics teachers forbade even to bring calculators so that children develop the ability to count in their minds. With the help of the smartphone, you can easily find out the answers to the control questions on the history or the correct spelling of the word in the dictation of the Russian language. The resulting assessment will not reflect the true knowledge of the student, and work on the errors will not be carried out.

Some schools have adopted a Charter that, in principle, prohibits the use of gadgets during I lessons. However, in this case, the teacher does not have the right to expel the student for this from the lesson. First of all, it is contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Article 43 of the main document of the country says that “everyone has the right to education”. In addition, on the side of students and the Federal Law "On Education". It clearly states that the responsibility for their life and health during the educational process lies with the educational institution – the teachers and the school administration.

The teacher has no right to take the phone from the child, as this is his personal property. But the teacher is obliged to inform the school principal or the head teacher of violations of discipline. As a result, a pedsovet may be held with the participation of parents, in extreme cases, with systematic violations, the student may be expelled from school.

Pupils should remember that they have not only rights, but also responsibilities. Students, along with teachers, are participants in the educational process and must follow the rules stipulated by the school charter. By all means the student must be diligent in class, do not interfere with others, observe safety regulations and protect school property. Inevitably included in the educational process and parents. It depends on their upbringing, authoritative behavior, whether children will respect the requirements of the teacher.

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