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Williams Uchemba: biography and fortune worth 2018 -Educational

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Whenever I feel like I'm writing or writing about Williams Uchemba's biography, and how his fortune has grown since his childhood as an actor, he plays the part he played in the movie titled "The Journey of the Dead," in my memory. In this post, we will share information about his personal life, age, movies he played in, and some important facts that you most likely never knew or heard about him.

Williams Uchemba's age

Williams Uchemba, a popular nollywood, child actor, film producer, philanthropist, comedian, entrepreneur and motivational speaker and currently African Youth Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), was born in southeastern Nigeria in the state of Abia. The date of birth (age) of Williams Uchemba was not announced by the public, which makes it hard for his fans to say his current age when he recently celebrated his birthday, but credible sources say he is late / early 30s

Undoubtedly, Uchemba is a versatile, attractive and humorous young man who carves out a niche for himself and his brand name not only in Nollywood, but throughout the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is reportedly worth $ 4 billion, an amount that Wlliams Uchemba has contributed to its quota stemming from its diverse talents resulting from its online comedy series. His acting career blends seamlessly into every character he and most of all his stars have been recognized by a world organization, the United Nations.

Its educational background

He began his academic career in his hometown (Abia State), where he graduated from both elementary and secondary school. Upon graduation, he received his first school certificate and the O'Level certificate.

Williams Uchemba, though already a child actor, did not allow his popularity and fame to transcend his way of thinking, went one step further to secure a university degree, and was admitted to the (UNN) University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State where he studied International Relations.

Williams Uchemba has never underestimated the need for a degree, despite his fame and career, unlike many other artists who set aside their education for their fame, although this is not the conclusion that education is the key to success, but you agree To me that this is the case is an important recipe to reach size in your area.

His acting career

He joined Nollywood as a child actor in 2000 and became the most popular children's actor after starring in Nollywood's blockbuster movie titled "The Journey of the Dead," starring alongside Olu Jacobs, Ramsey Noah, and Pete Edochie. The film offered its platform to showcase in other films that drew from its productive acting skills, and as a child in this matter it caught the attention of many film producers and directors and BOOM! That's how his acting career began.

In his further acting career, he played in 2003 in another Nigerian blockbuster film titled Beyond Belief, a film that was sold by the hundreds of thousands. He was rated 4.5 out of 5 at the box office. In 2006 he plays a role as a clever child in the movie titled The World of Riches, another successful movie.

As mentioned above, as a multi-talent, he conscientiously utilizes his skills, contributing millions of naira each month, increasing his stock value in the industry.

The inventor of the saying "The world is a global village" is not far from the truth. Williams Uchemba currently lives in the United States of America, but earns his money from Nigeria. His fans are 90% Nigerian. The distance between the two countries is enough to close the doors from Nigeria, but thanks to the Internet, Instagram and social networks, the media sphere as a whole, where distance has become history.

Williams Uchemba shoots his comedy skits and publishes them online via his Instagram handle @williamsuchemba. You can follow him and see all his funny skits.

He also releases his fun comedy skits on his Youtube channel, which has so far attracted millions of YouTube suits, and heightened the wealth of Williams Uchemba, as he is now paid for, funny skits for promotional items and services for both individuals and to pay for business.

Williams Uchemba was a glimpse of his career and has been featured in over 90 (ninety) Nollywood films so far. In 2002, he won Best Child Performer of the Year for his spectacular role in the movie "Oh My Son." No doubt he is one of the prettiest Nollywood actors, the ladies can confirm that.

William Uchember as philanthropist

Williams Uchemba loves to make people smile, not only in his acting, but also in his impact on people's lives. He has a way of relieving the less privilege by giving them money, paying school fees for orphans, caring for widows and other philanthropic gestures.

Recently, he cursed Nigerian celebrities for showing up online and not giving in to the people (fans) who helped them to do something good. After that, he continued to accuse other influential people in Nigeria, come out and help the assistants to help the less privileged, as this should not be left alone in the hands of the government.

In one of his statements on his Instagram page, he explains why he has to be a philanthropist. In his words, "Why do I have to spend 2m for drinks just to enjoy with friends in 2 hours"? This money can use three people equally for the rest of their lives and pay school fees for some children.

There is no improvement if you spend N1.5m on Gucci products or Fendi shoes that are worth N800,000, but rather use the money to help people without hope. He believes that helping someone lead a fulfilling life helps others. " He owns a non-governmental organization called the Williams Uchemba Foundation, which aims to help the poor.

His price

This is also one of the most important things we need to talk about in Williams Uchemba's biography. He has won awards, including Best Actor for Children, The Most Promising Actor in Nigeria in Africa Magic, and the Most Promising Act at the Best Nollywood Awards and Best Actor in a Comedy.

Williams Uchemba is still single, but reveals his relationship status on one of his social media platforms. When asked, he said it was his personal life he did not want to bring to the public.

Williams Uchemba's fortune of 2018

When you talk about Williams Uchemba's fortune, you can not do so without talking about his characteristics, cars, homes, the value of his business, and most of all, his brand. The name Williams Uchemba is a brand in itself. Whatever influences his name affects his entire business and his net worth.

Williams Uchemba spent $ 44,000, which is equivalent to N15,839,243.18 for a brand new Mercedes Benz (2016 C300), just for his birthday. This well-known actor, known for his role in the movie Beyond Belief, described his post on his Instagram page as "My new baby. His newest car. I decided to get a present. Today is my birthday and it was an amazing year. God has been faithful. If a man spends $ 44,000 on four wheels, you should know he's serious, and this is the list of exotic cars parked in his garage.

The child actor, recently parked in his new Los Angeles mansion, estimated that the mansion was worth over $ 150,000. You may want to ask how he gets his money. The truth, however, is that he is a hardworking talented guy receiving the watch and both endorsement quotes and ambassador positions.

Although there were rumors of the source of revenue, some critics said he wanted to do credit card fraud online while others thought he was a ritualist, but the starting actor was less credible to public opinion, rather he responded to haters who said so should continue to search for the source of his fortune while constantly earning more money.

And what for Williams Uchemba's net assets in 2018This is a very controversial aspect in which fans argue about what he really is worth. I am confident that many people will expect to know his net worth for 2018 after getting to know all the news about his millionaire home in Naira and his expensive brand new car, takeover deal, ambassador position in the UN and his other companies.

Williams Uchemba is currently one of the ten richest actors in Nigeria in 2018. His versatile talents, both in movies and in comedy, have made him, apart from his other business areas, one of the most influential comedians and actors in Nigeria's film industry.

According to Forbes magazine, Williams Uchemba's network in the year 2018 is $ 650,000, or about 700 million Niara.

Is not the above mentioned a great achievement that a man of his age has already achieved? You can not always hate something good, whether you like it or not. From a holistic perspective, Williams Uchemba is a driving force in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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