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In China, the patient Wang Shubao spent 12 years in a coma, all this time his elderly mother took care of him around the clock. Reports the edition about it The Mirror.

Wang had an accident in 2006 in the city of Shouguang, Shandong Province, in the east of the country. The 36-year-old man was completely paralyzed, he fell into a coma. All expenses for treatment were taken by Wei Minying's 63-year-old mother. The woman, whose husband died many years ago, gave the doctors all the accumulated money and spent days and nights at the bedside of her son. When she no longer had enough funds, she borrowed 120,000 yuan (1.1 million rubles).

At some point, Wei had no money at all, and had to pay back the debt, so she did not eat for a month. “My mouth and tongue are dry. I drank only water, ”said the Chinese woman. During these weeks she lost 20 kilograms and now weighs only 30 kilograms.

Nevertheless, a 75-year-old woman finds the strength to get up at five in the morning, wash and bathe her son, feed him, carry a duck behind him, massage him and shift him so that he does not form bedsores.[next]

Recently, Van first opened his eyes and smiled at his mother. The woman was in seventh heaven with happiness and claims that her son is conscious and understands everything, although she cannot move and talk. “I hope one day he will fully recover. I dream so much that once he will be able to call me “mother” again, ”shared Wei with journalists.


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