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Martin-Luganne Agnès was born in 1979 in France, in the province of Saint-Malo. Since childhood, the girl had a sensitive vision of the world and childishly naively tried to do something beautiful for him. She always knew the answer to the question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?". The answer was unequivocal – a writer.

But sometimes our dreams overtake us in the most unexpected places. And it doesn’t matter to them how or what we had planned on this. Writer immediately become failed. Therefore, the girl, having received a psychological education, got a job in a clinic. Now Agnès is confident that this experience was necessary. He became a good help in its future creative implementation. Psychology and writing, as it turned out, are perfectly combined with each other.

After working as a psychologist for six years, Marten-Lyugan went on maternity leave. And so from it never returned. In the decree, the girl had more free time, which she was finally able to devote to his work.

Thus, the book that brought world-wide popularity to the writer was born – "Happy people read books and drink coffee."

But the recognition did not come immediately. Life tested Martin-Lyugan for strength and repaired barriers. She literally made her way through the thorns to the stars. A young writer, full of hope and illusion, brought her creation to the publishing house with a sinking heart. But there they refused her. Then in the second, third, fourth … Everywhere the same story repeated – no one wanted to deal with an unknown author. Who knows – will the book remain dusty in stores or will it be sold out in good circulation? Publishers did not want to risk, they needed guarantees. And the girl could not provide any guarantees. So dreams of Martin-Lyugan striving to break on the harsh everyday life of reality.

The girl did not give up. She decided to take responsibility for their own destiny. She printed an electronic version of the book and posted it on the Internet on the famous portal "Amazon". The book avalanche began to gain popularity. The further, the more. Soon a major publishing house "Mikel Lafon" bought the rights to the work. Thus the book has become a world bestseller.

"Happy people read books and drink coffee" translated into many languages, including Russian. In the plot of the novel is a story of love and devotion, harmony with yourself and confidence in the world. The book tells the story of the girl Diana, who suddenly lost her beloved husband and little daughter in a car accident. The heroine is so locked in her grief that she has ceased to go out and communicate with people. She preferred to drown in a sea of ​​hopelessness and despair. To go even further away from communication, she went to a village in Ireland. Who knew that this trip would not be the end, but the beginning? The beginning of a new bright life filled with love and joy.

The main message of the work is not even love as such, but trust. Trust towards oneself, towards the world. The book has found a response from people who happened to happen in a similar situation. Perhaps someone will find in her comfort, support and faith that everything will be fine.

The next novel, scattered around the world no less circulation – "You will succeed, dear." The work is also permeated with love from the first line to the last. But not vulgar, but sensitive and tender, giving an incentive to live. The novel tells about a girl who lives in a small provincial town with a man who has long become indifferent to her. She walks every day to unloved work and feels that she is unhappy. One day she decides to end her life, which she does not like. And she goes to Paris … There she is caught in the whirlpool of events and she, unnoticed by herself, becomes a successful fashion designer. Life is slowly getting better … This work is about determination and courage, which we sometimes lack. Many readers may have found echoes of themselves in this work. Perhaps it helped someone to start a new page of personal history.

Fans are not for nothing loved Martin-Lyugan. She writes in her unsurpassed style – precisely and with humor, vesting the characters' feelings with words that are understandable to the reader. The heroes of her works are holistic individuals fighting for their happiness and their dreams. At the same time, their feelings and experiences are not played up, as in a theater, but real. When Martin-Lugan decided to print the book, doubts also overwhelmed her. She thought: “What if it doesn't work out and nobody will like the book?”. But she drove away these thoughts, not allowing them to prevail in consciousness. Forcing herself to believe in success, she just did what she had to do.

Perhaps her heroines are like herself. After all, all people tend to doubt. A wise psychology even says that doubt is a sign of personal growth. Therefore, it is not worth being afraid of anything, you must boldly go forward and believe in victory. Martin Lugan turned out. Her books are scattered around the world. So, it will turn out and its readers. And she invisible support will always be with them.

The writer is married, brings up two lovely boys. And along the way he writes new novels. From the realization in the writing activity it is covered by a wave of unconditional happiness, which she is ready to share with the whole world. Her books are like a cup of hot tea in inclement weather. From them on the soul it becomes warm and cozy.

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