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Sotheby's and Christie's are preparing for a record-breaking jewelry sale this year. Christies sells "Pink Legacy" – a diamond that is expected to bring in over € 30 million, possibly the most expensive sale of its kind in history. Meanwhile, the competition at Sotheby's is strong. The upcoming Sotheby's Auction in Geneva, which spans centuries of European history, offers Royal jewels from the Bourbon Parma family, Perhaps the most exciting collection is a group of jewels owned by Queen Marie Antoinette that has not been seen in public for over 200 years.

The most important royal jewelery collection ever to hit the auction scene

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Marie Antoinette and her husband Louis XVI. Were known for their extravagant lifestyle that was so wasteful that it was likely to trigger the French Revolution. One of the many highlights of the auction is a group of exquisite jewelry collections owned by the young queen herself. These were some of the jewels that Antoinette's only surviving child secured and passed down after generations of bloodlines, after the jewels had been shipped to Brussels and Brussels during their flight.

One of the key elements of the block is the pearl and diamond pendant, which is expected to generate sales of $ 1-2 million. The other pieces of jewelry also include a set of pearl earrings and a multi-stranded pearl necklace.

"Out of sight, never seen in public, this exceptional collection provides a fascinating insight into the life of this family over the past centuries," says Sotheby's

In addition to the jewels of Marie Antoinette, there are also gems belonging to the former King Charles X of France, the Austrian Archduke and the donations of Parma. The Bourbon Parma family is a bloodline of rulers ranging from the Bourbons to the Habsburgs and includes kings of France, Spain, Austria and more. Therefore, many of the auctioned pieces are not only exceptionally opulent, but of exceptional origin.

Included in the purchase price is a diamond tiara, which Emperor Franz-Josef had provided to his great niece, the Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, when she married in 1902 to Elias of Bourbon, Duke of Parma.

With these royal jewels, Sotheby's and Christie's focus on private collectors of high fortune rather than the usual museum outlet. The focus markets are New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Tai Pei and Singapore. According to the auction houses, the Asian market is seeing an increase in female customers who value portability in extending their investment value.

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