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There is not much to say about a visit to Kotor, Montenegro. I feel like everything has been told a thousand times.

Kotor old town

Kotor is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans and receives the recognition it deserves. Not only that. Kotor is incredibly touristy.

Kotor old town

You know, it’s one of those cities that could enjoy a quiet vacation without the cruise ships popping up every morning. Everyone has to be alone sometimes. I think cities too, otherwise they become a product.

Kotor Montenegro

For this reason, I couldn’t have been happier in mid-October. I was still lucky with the weather, but I also had the opportunity to stroll through Kotor’s narrow streets pretty much on my own. It is more than likely that I would not have loved it too much if I had been there two months earlier. If you can visit Kotor in the off-season, do so (unless you love crowds).

Kotor Montenegro

I traveled to the beautiful Bay of Kotor last fall and made Kotor my base, partly because of the incredibly cheap hostel accommodation, partly because I felt it was a good starting point for day trips, which turned out to be true.

Kotor old town

It was a very short trip, but I managed to stuff a lot into it without being exhausted. I went on a relaxed half-day trip to Perast, visited the Stari Bar and finally got on the Great Montenegro Tour 360 Monte travel agency, I can really recommend it to all travelers who want to experience different faces of Montenegro in limited time and / or strange people like me who never managed to get this driver’s license once and for all. Also, just to make it clear, I paid for my tour. No giveaways, just a happy customer here. OK, I digress, I’ll write something about the tour later.

Kotor Montenegro

What did I like about Kotor? Everything! I think it’s the place where people fall in love with the place. The landscape of the bay is breathtaking. I know it sounds cliché, but this time it’s real.

Bay of Kotor

I really enjoyed climbing to the fortress to discover more and more of the spectacular views. The steps are steep, but the trip is worth it. I loved taking a lazy evening walk when the last crusaders boarded their ships.

Walls of Kotor

I was happy to eat fresh seafood again (I am sure that inland residents feel me).

Kotor old town

I loved Kotor because it was a great beauty therapy. I’m not sure if my peak season visit would be the same, but I probably don’t dare say that. So it turns out that October is the right moment for the Kotor Bay romance.

Boka Kotorska

(With the city, of course. I traveled alone. The Balkans is my favorite region that has ever traveled alone.)

kotor montenegro

Boka Kotorska

Thank you for the walk with me!


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