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Behind the creative life of Konstantin Davydov there are two theatrical performances in the “Gogol Center”, where he is still a member of the troupe (“Christmas Tree at the Ivanovs” and “The Island”). And he received the greatest recognition for his cinematic activities, in which he noted more than one dozen filmmakers.

On July 20, 1990, the future theater and film actor was born in the Old Kupavna near Moscow. After his unexpected cinematic debut, Kostya waited until he received a high school diploma in his hands to sink into the capital's theatrical university. It turned out to be the Boris Schukin Theater Institute (course of Valentina Petrovna Nikolayenko), which he graduated in 2012.

For the graduation performance “Three Sisters”, where Konstantin played Baron Tuzenbach, he was awarded the diploma “For the Best Performance of the Role” at the IV festival “APART”.

While still studying at the legendary theatrical university, Davydov was noted by a number of film works in the projects “Law and Order: Criminal Purpose”, “Capercaillie. Continuation "and" Pasechnik ". And then there was “Turkish transit” and the mystical series “Chernobyl. Zone of Alienation ”, where he starred in the lead role (character Pasha Vershinin). From this point on, his popularity reached a new level, where the name of a promising actor entered the pleiad of modern young talents in our country.

Currently, his filmography is filled with more than a dozen filmmakers, among which the following should be particularly highlighted: “Last minute – 2”, “IT Company”, “Practice”, “Moscow. Three stations "," Provocation "," Dembel "," Code of Honor – 4 "," Code of Honor – 5 "," Capercaillie – 2 ".

An interesting fact is that a talented actor was able to overcome many of his phobias (driving a car after an accident and the fear of heights) on the set, without using the services of stuntmen, which undoubtedly deserves special respect.

Despite the presence of a huge army of fans, Konstantin Davydov is still not married. He considers his decision to devote this segment of his life to his professional career as justified, since "he is not in a hurry to live." A young talent spends all his time on film sets, so he simply has no time for mutual feelings towards his fans.

Information appeared in the press about the mutual interest of Konstantin Davydov and Kristina Kazinskaya (Chernobyl partner), but the actors themselves did not react to her.

From the special hobbies of the actor is known about his desire to travel to exotic corners of our planet.

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