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The waybill is a document that not only confirms the health and safety of the vehicle traveling on the route, carrying passengers or goods, but also allows you to record other information about the employee and the car. It is a compulsory accompanying document for cars that are part of the fleet of a legal entity, a private individual enterprise, institution, organization.

The driver of a vehicle owned by a legal entity of any type must be given a package of documents in which the waybill is primary. It records

  • car mileage and targets for a certain period, work shift, watch,
  • points from which the car left and where it goes,
  • type of vehicle, its technical indicators at the time of release on the line,
  • in some types of document – description of the goods.

At the moment, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation updated in 2017, three types of trip tickets are used: 4C – for calculating employee remuneration on a piece-by-piece basis, 4N – for recording time spent by a driver on a flight, 4M – for intercity and international traffic .

The waybill is a form complying with the law, with obligatory columns and lines. It is completed by an authorized enterprise employee, usually a mechanic, or a issuing and receiving dispatcher. It must indicate

  • validity period – from one day to one month
  • driver and enterprise data
  • type of car and its technical characteristics
  • odometer readings and time of their fixation,
  • data of the state of health of the person who will drive the machine,
  • exact time of technical inspection of the vehicle,
  • visas (signatures) and stamps of officials who have approved departure on the route.

According to the requirements of the law of the Russian Federation, on the waybill must be the signatures of the medical worker of the enterprise or specialized institution, if the staff of the organization does not have such an employee, a mechanic who released the car for the route and the dispatcher who confirmed his complete health. All these employees should be familiar with the rules of registration and endorsement of trip tickets. Instructing those responsible is documented. All of them are responsible for the performance and safety of the flight, they must be aware of this. In the event of an emergency of any complexity, each of those who signed the trip ticket will be a participant in the proceedings.

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