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I thought I would never recover from the shock

I thought I would never recover from the shock of Friday's Aso Rock when President Muhammadu Buhari was presented with the West African Examination Council (WAEC) "Certification Result".

The Nigerian power seat was full of jubilation and almost pomp when cabinet members flocked around the president to rejoice with him over the new "feat". A journalist friend, who was in the Presidential Villa when Buhari received the certificate, excited the mood: "It was like rejoicing in abundance. Everyone was happy that the president had overcome the seemingly final hurdle for the elections (2019). "

Well, for those of you who have not followed recent events and wondered what the big deal is about getting a WAEC certificate, here's the key point: while other presidential candidates in the next year's elections will prove their academic credentials at the The President of the National Electoral Commission (INEC) informed the Commission that his own evidence was still with the military authority.

The theme might not have crisscrossed much, but the President had made the same statement in 2014 in the wake of the 2015 elections. And so hell broke loose as the opposition and some Nigerians insisted that the president submit his academic credentials.

By Friday, many may bet that the president will lose the case in court when he reaches that level, and eventually be excluded from attending presidential elections next year – the constitution makes the WAEC certificate a mandatory requirement for this position ,

It was Femi Adesina, the president's spokesman, who broke the news first: "WAEC presents President Buhari with the certificate of attestation and the school's graduation certificate. What will the naysayers say next? "The drums sounded and the dancers crowded onto the stage. "All our enemies were ashamed," "Sai Buhari 2019", "Another great achievement has been recorded."

In the midst of the drama, the president went to Twitter to announce his new "baby," along with a picture of members of his cabinet, including Boss Mustapha, Secretary of the Federation Government, and Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education, in a cheering mood on the subject. Everyone looked so excited and proud of the president for the new "feat".

I was disappointed and angry. Upset that in a country where most of the extracurricular children in the world are currently living and the world capital of poverty, the President and his cabinet members are looking forward to a WAEC certificate. As other African heads of state think about bringing their countries to El Dorado, our heads of state did not have the opportunity to celebrate a holiday to win a WAEC certificate. Pathetic.

An army of shame

Nigeria never surprises you. One day a drama. But Friday came with two dramas, that of Aso Rock and a terrible shame of the Nigerian army.

Who would have thought that the Nigerian army would ever justify the murder of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN)? Worse, who would have believed that their position would be the position of US President Donald Trump in a completely different and more painful affair?

The army shocked the whole world on Friday when it sent a video with a tweet in which Trump instructed the US military to treat stones thrown at them by asylum seekers as rifles. Of course, Trump was abused for that remark, but that's not my concern.

For an institution that reported on extrajudicial killings, Friday's incident was like emptying an ocean into wounds that may never heal. Dozens of Shiites are said to have been killed in a clash with soldiers and the army, and Nigerians are asked to "make their prints" – read "We're right," by Trump's instructions? Awful.

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