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China warns citizens in Canada against marijuana

In the process of legalizing marijuana in Canada, China has warned its citizens living in the North American country to ask them to be aware of the dangers of marijuana use.

The good and bad effects of weeds

The Chinese Consulate General in Toronto published a statement on the official websitethat reads:

"The consulate wants to remind Chinese citizens in the consular district, especially international students, to protect their own physical and mental health and avoid contact or use of marijuana."

The consulate added to the penalties for drug use in China and affirmed Article 357 of the Penal Code of the People's Republic of China. "It's illegal to grow, own and use cannabis in China," she adds.

Canada becomes the first major Western nation to legalize marijuana

In the same article, marijuana is being labeled a smuggler in the same category of drugs as heroin and cocaine and citizens returning with THC traces and threatening the ultimate punishment for drug use in China – the death penalty.

The Japanese Consulate in Vancouver also warned that those who violate the laws of the country can be prosecuted at home.

South Korea added that any activity with marijuana that could be legal in Canada is considered illegal and that individuals at home must be punished.

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Cannabis was officially legalized in Canada on October 17, after being illegal in the nation for almost 100 years (the drug was added to the List of Confidential Limitations to the Act on Narcotics Law in 1923).

The death of "Cannabis Act "(Bill C-45) fulfilled one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's main campaign promises, but was not without criticism – especially among Asian Canadians.

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