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As the sun rushed over the still waters of Coniston Water, a powerful mechanical scream sounded. The idyllic Cumbrian city of Coniston offers the seditious mantra of a chess game as soon as the tourist season is over. Nevertheless, the gentle hills sound like deafening anarchy.

Coniston Water is known worldwide as the "spiritual home of the record breaking water speed" and has a dark past when it comes down to the record speed of the water. Claim the life of Donald Campbell in 1967, But Campbell's spirit lives on, as every year in November, several racing boat teams come on the sleepy tourist trap from across the nation in search of one thing – speed.

More than 60 volunteers are taking their time for Coniston Powerboat Records Week, now 48 years old and currently being sponsored Coppermine Cottages, which welcome competitors of all ages and abilities. One of these participants stood on the edge of the water and waited for his planned run in the biting cold. Edd China.

Edd stood by his craft, a Gibbs Aquada, and turned to us with a grin. "I'm going to record at 2 pm". His eye sparkled with a stir. Unlike most people talking about the conversation, China was clearly ready to go the way.

He certainly had the "vehicle" with which he could win the victory. This year's machine, which appeared at Coniston Powerboats Week in 2017 with the previous Aquada incarnation, was a dark secret. While the original was powered by a V6 Rover K-Series engine, the new Gibbs Aquada claimed to be quietly mastering the electric drive.

This was the first time the world's first high-speed amphibious on Coniston Water.

The Aquada was installed with two 200 kW electric motors with an activity of 60 minutes and a range of 161 km (161 km). Most of the power should be spent bringing the vehicle to the starting line. As an amphibious vehicle, the wheels had to be retracted for aerodynamic stability, using a considerable amount of juice.

Nevertheless, this challenge did not seem to frighten the TV presenter. China climbed down the slipway in front of a crowd and tore off the first marks and expectant officials. In contrast to the other record boats of the day there was no jerking of the speed or the throaty screaming. Instead, there was a humming silence interrupted by the pouring of Coniston Water's cold, dense lifeblood. On a spray head, Edd appeared on the lake.

It was impossible to determine the success of Edd's venture until the speed officials transmitted his results. But the big smile on the runway said it all. He had broken the national record with a top speed of 24.9 knots.

The next day, Edd and the Gibbs team dawned another run. The amphibious electric car, however, had other ideas. While docking, the Aquada developed a problem; damp smoke in the static air.

As it turned out, the electrical system had blown a number of resistors. Health & Safety finished the second round. Despite the teething problems, Edd and the team were not thrilled. The result was still in the bag.

"An early bath and then back to the workshop for me!", China joked. We look forward to his attempts next year …

Images courtesy of Calum Brown and Edd China

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