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Bitcoin or another similar coin is lined constantly, 24/7, not allowing farms and individual video cards to rest. Many are convinced that cryptocurrency mining in this mode spoils the video card, but is it really so?

Silicon crystals, which are the basis of the composition of semiconductor chips, are reliable. The crystals do not have mechanical elements that are subject to natural wear, so it can work for many years.

But there are some nuances: the dependence of the crystals on temperature and nutrition. Any serious deviations from normal power and temperature can cause a degradation of the transistors, resulting in a breakdown of the crystals. Also, overheating may damage the soldering point of the chips. And the wrong voltage can break the “strapping” of the chip.

Two more points can be noted:

  1. If the temperature rises sharply from 90 to 100 degrees, it will cause microcracks in the solder balls, which will cause the chip to lose contact with the board, and the video card may become unusable.
  2. If the supply voltage is insufficient, you can observe the drawdown of the voltage. Increasing the force will cause heat loss. Overheating sooner or later will cause degradation and damage to the video card.

Based on this, we can conclude: mining as such is not dangerous for a video card if the miner will monitor voltage and temperature. Often, a video card in a gaming PC, which is not cared for, breaks down faster than a video card on a mine-farm with good care.

The choice of video card miner is based on several parameters.

Most often, the equipment is cleaned before selling, but the seller still will not make the video card as new as it was on the day of purchase. Therefore, before the acquisition is worth how to study the video card. It is also important to examine the video card for worn spots or marks from a screwdriver.

A visual inspection will not give a lot of data, so it is important to test it before purchasing a card. In any toy that requires a lot of resources, problems can begin in 2-3 hours. If this time is not available, you can install diagnostic programs and run a stress test. For example, FurMark will be able to identify the problem in about half an hour.

If this is really a mining card from a farm, it is most likely still under warranty. If this is the case, you should ask for documents and a guarantee in the event of a warranty case (if the screwdrivers on the card deprive it of the guarantee).

Most often, video cards are not only used for mining cryptocurrency, but they are also reflashed in a special way. Therefore, if the video card came up and it was decided to buy it, you should reset its settings to the factory settings. To do this, you need to download a special utility on the developer's site.

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