How do I sell a house over the price in one day? Home Staging

Sold in one day over the asking price! That's the sound of another success story. The houses that we prepare for sale are sold on average three days after the stock market listing.

We look after you throughout the home sales process. Call us for a free consultation. We know the market very well and our team can cover all your needs: color advice, craftsmen, electricians, painters, etc … We know all the tricks that make the buyer say YES! There is no magic, it is our knowledge and our years of experience. We connect you from the beginning with the sale.

Sounds expensive? Not if your house sells before your first open house is over!

Our multi-model team can put together the perfect package for your home sales needs. We offer professional services from a single source and you get the success story of Home Selling! #jaegerstaging

📲602 ​​883 5291 Contact us for our professional services in staging, photography and consulting. Our record speaks for itself when it comes to the preparation and sale of houses!

What is the recipe for such a success story? Above all, we would like to mention the professional staging. It is the A and O when selling homes. Professional photography comes second. A flawlessly written description that arouses the interest of the buyers completes the matter. And of course, a knowledgeable real estate agent will make the difference and help you choose the best price for the market launch. Call us if you have any questions!

This was our last project, which we consulted, staged and photographed. It was a home with 4 children and 2 dogs. We painted the interior in a light neutral color and eliminated the everyday damage. The house was cleaned to the smallest detail and set in scene by us in modern country house style. It was given a final detail before the open day and offered and sold several times on the first day! See the pictures before and after!

Living room 1 after staging

Living 2 after the staging

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