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A dream is an aspiration, a “soul impulse” and a flight of fantasy. Dreaming about something, a person sets goals for himself, determines the direction of his life.

However, it is necessary to distinguish between dreams and desires. Desire is rather a momentary impulse or need for something. Desires are often material and uncomplicated. For example, you really wanted to buy your favorite blouse or watch a movie.

There are also more serious desires: learn to drive a car, go on vacation at sea, go to college.

Big desires are small dreams, but still a real dream is something more global and seemingly unattainable.

World fame, successful career, world tour, creating a happy and strong family – all this can be attributed to real dreams.

However, it should be clarified that all people are different and their dreams are also different. For some, a trip to Europe is the main dream of life, and another person from childhood dreams of jumping with a parachute or to open a shelter for homeless animals.

Dreams can relate to different areas of life and vary depending on the age, nature, level of development and education of a person, as well as his life circumstances.

In childhood, a trip to Disneyland can be a cherished dream, and in ten years the same person is already dreaming of a career as a military pilot or ballet dancer. Everything is changeable, and dreams grow with us.

In fact, the dream is necessary and important. Dreams lead us through life, they are like a guiding star in human destiny. The main thing is to transfer the dream to the category of goal and strive to achieve it.

It is not enough to just dream and sigh about the fact that dreams are ephemeral fantasies. Great happiness, when the most cherished dreams come true, but not “by magic,” but when a person himself reaches the goal and turns the dream into reality.

The important point is to translate the dream from the realm of fantasy into reality. For example, the desire for world fame is a very vague concept, but achieving success in your favorite business that will make you a respected professional in your field of activity is already a real goal.

No need to consider your dream unattainable, sometimes people are capable of amazing and completely unimaginable deeds and actions.

Want to make your dream a reality, break it into goals and systematically implement your plans. The main thing is not to give up, perceive failures and obstacles as an experience. Think positive, build a clear plan and go step by step to the realization of your plans. As the saying goes: "The road will go by master."

Most often, children dream, they just live in a world of dreams and fantasies. With age, reality mercilessly destroys our illusions and people stop dreaming. This is wrong, dreams make our lives more vivid and full.

So does a person need to have a dream? Yes, undoubtedly the dream is important and necessary in the life of every person. It helps to move forward, fills every day with meaning and sometimes becomes the fate of a person. Dreams make people happy, direct them and motivate them to truly great achievements.

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