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Lies are common to people. We lie when we try to be sympathetic. We lie when we try to be competent, and sometimes we just lie because we are nothing but deceitful idiots.

According to a study at the University of Massachusetts, 60 percent of people lied at least once during a 10-minute conversation and most had two to three lies on average.

If you're wondering which of the lies are most common, here are five of the most popular human fibs.

"Your friend is great"

Many people will tell their friends that their partners are great if he's just a selfish womanizer. But you do not tell your friend because you do not want a conflict.

However, it is your job as a friend to answer important questions as honestly as possible. While your girlfriend may never want to talk to you again to call her boyfriend, but if you shut up in the future and things go wrong, the next question will be, "Why did not you say anything ?!"

"I love how you cut my hair"

Many people have difficulty telling beauticians, hairdressers or waiters, or whoever is paying for a service that this service stunk. In one study, 85 percent of the restaurant's visitors told the waiters that their food experience was good if they did not.

The interesting part of the study was the conclusion that "guests who told white lies to cover up their dissatisfaction would probably leave bigger tips than those who did not."

The reason was based on cognitive dissonance where "our actions do not conform to our beliefs and create a state of mental and emotional discomfort." As humans, we tend to dissolve cognitive dissonance through overcompensation. Which means that even though you have a haircut that you abhor deeply in your heart, you still leave a nice tip to your barber.

"I'm fine, honest"

No, you are not, you are a mess. However, you may not want to burden your friends or assume that they will not be burdened by your problems. or you try to avoid feelings that scare you. If you think carefully, you may find that you have just reacted too weakly or are too tired to warm up a lousy day.

"I will let you go"

Actually, you want them to let you go. To tell someone who is constantly yapping, "I really have to go," can be rude. Turning it around puts the burden on you – it's you who stop them listening to their endless chatter.
White lies usually come from compassion, not the desire to cheat.

"You did well"

We all want to know that we succeed in everything we do. It's good for our self-esteem. When you achieve outperformance, you know and give it up, while those who feel good feel cheated if they are not recognized for their accomplishments.

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