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After graduating from grade 9, students have the opportunity to choose where to go next, where to continue their studies. Someone goes to colleges, lyceums, and many high school students want to continue their education in their own gymnasium, but they face a denial of translation. The Federal Law on General School Education 273-ФЗ speaks about the availability of general and secondary education. There is another regulatory document. The Ministry of Education and Science issued an order of 30.08.2013 N 1015 “On approval of the procedure for organizing and carrying out educational activities in the main general education programs”.

The regulations stipulate that each student has the right to receive a full general education and the refusal to transfer to the 10th grade is not lawful. But there are certain loopholes in the laws. In particular, the management of the gymnasium may refuse to continue studying if:

  • OGE result is not satisfactory;
  • in the gymnasium only profile 10 classes are provided and the student did not pass the exam in the relevant subjects;
  • there are no places in the gymnasium (the number of high schools is limited).

Most often, the refusal is explained by the fact that the level of training in the gymnasium is higher than in ordinary schools, graduating classes are specialized and students who did not pass the exams successfully can not continue. They have the opportunity to continue their education in simple schools, especially if the child is registered by another educational institution.

According to the law, grade 9 is final and after it graduates parents must write an application for transfer to grade 10 indicating the desired profile. This must be done to obtain a written confirmation or refusal. If the management of the gymnasium refuses to translate, it must be justified in writing. After receiving such a response, parents have the right to make a decision.

The first thing to do is to go to the reception room of the gymnasium, get acquainted with the charter and talk to the director. After that, you can contact the district education committee with a statement. If the reason for the refusal was the lack of seats, you can write a statement asking for the opening of additional seats. Chances increase significantly when there are many such complaints.

If a student has passed an OGE for a deuce, he will most likely not be able to continue his studies at the gymnasium even after appealing the decision of the administration, therefore, before going to the Committee on Education, you need to carefully weigh everything.

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