What is bait for fishing

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"Eggs" is a rig that allows you to fish highly efficiently at great depths in flowing water. The analog of eggs is a ring. Both types of gear are devices for deep-sea fishing of non-predatory fish swimming deep and far from the shore.

Egg fishing is most successful during active feeding of fish, usually after spawning. However, some people manage to fish in this way in the winter. The difference between winter fishing with eggs and the summer differs only in the size of the feeder.

You can catch from a boat, directing the line along the stream. Usually, fishing occurs in the river beds, where all non-predatory fish feed, and therefore fishing from a boat is considered to be the most effective, as there is no other way to get to the places where the potential catch occurs. It is allowed to fish with such tackles and from a steep bank in places with a bumper current.

First you need to swim on the boat to the selected location and anchor so that the ship is perpendicular to the current. From the board, which is located downstream, it is necessary to lower the grid with feed. The load is put on the cord – the eggs or the ring. A fishing line is passed through a small cargo ring. Then the garland is attached, lock beads and a wet vest are put on to fix the garland.

Under the weight of eggs, the thread easily falls into the depth. A bait is released from the feeder by poddergivaniya, and downstream a muddy trail from the feed. It is in this muddy trail that there are leashes with hooks and bait. After the bite, at the signal nod need to make hooking. After hooking the feeder cord comes out of the eggs, and the fish is easily caught, moreover, far from the place of feeding.

To attract fish, you need to "knock" eggs on the bottom. At the same time, not only the bait is dissolved, but the murk rises from the bottom of the river, which attracts fish. If after a series of 10-12 bites there was no bite, then it is better to change the place or use another technique of the game.

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