Shocking story of a "bad" man who has deliberately infected 2 women with HIV -Nigerian

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An Englishman who knowingly infected two women with HIV and "cleared the coward out of the way" by saying nothing is now in detention for more than six years.

Aaron Sutcliffe has not told the victims that he is HIV-infected. Now they are both afraid that they will pass on the virus to their children.

A court heard that the 29-year-old ignored his "moral and legal obligation" to disclose his condition to women, and "instead took the coward out of the way".

But Fleetwood-based Sutcliffe, Lancashire, was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison today, having previously admitted two cases of personal injury causing serious injury.

Judge Philip Parry condemned the court in Preston: "You purposely and intentionally withheld your status from two women for whom you were too deceiving, calculated and manipulative.

"You've got the coward out of the way, kept your silence and infected him, you had no right.

"They carried an overwhelming responsibility for their selfish actions that left such devastation."

Judge Parry also imposed a Sexual Damage Prevention Order on Sutcliffe, which until further notice prohibited him from lawfully having sex with another person, unless he had been told that he had HIV and that they had understood and acknowledged the disclosure.

Sutcliffe had previously been ordered to provide the contact details of Lancashire Police Department Public Policy Affiliates and then wait for written consent before having sexual intercourse with a condom.

The man was diagnosed with HIV in 2008, but the crimes took place on various dates between 2009 and 2016. The court heard how Sutcliffe had the opportunity to inform both partners about his status.

But the judge said he left a "life sentence". Sutcliffe's second victim fell ill with the virus after complaining that he had difficulty putting on a condom. She told the court that Sutcliffe had stolen her "precious early months of connection" with her child while wearing gloves to feed and change the child. The court heard that Sutcliffe allegedly had been the background of alcohol and drug abuse, and had already been referred several times to psychiatric services.

Detective Constable Emma Shuttleworth of the Lancashire Police said: "Aaron Sutcliffe has had numerous opportunities to tell his two victims that he was HIV-positive and did not.

"His intent was not harmful, but he was as ruthless as possible, and he has shown a gross disregard for the health of these two women, whose lives and lives of their families have been irrevocably altered by his actions." 39;

Kat Smithson, director of policy and campaigning at NAT, National Aids Trust, said most people living with HIV in the UK receive effective treatment and that the virus "was purchased much more often by someone who does not know their status is aware ".

"It is sad and worrying to hear statements that people feared that they could pass on HIV to their children. We want to be very clear that there is no danger that HIV will make daily contact like this one and so on. We hope that someone who has been diagnosed will recently be diagnosed. & # 39;

"Hundreds of women living with HIV every year give birth and bring up children who are HIV-negative."


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