Resident Nazyvaevska gave birth right in the store at the cashier

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In the Omsk region, a pregnant resident of Nazyvaevsk went to the Nizkotsen shop for groceries and gave birth right next to the cash register. The birth process was captured by a video surveillance camera installed in the store.

This story happened at noon on October 11th. An ordinary weekday, buyers choose products. The young Omichka slowly lays out the contents of his basket on the cashier. Suddenly, she grabs her stomach – a woman starts to fight.

“She didn’t even ask for help, said quietly that she was giving birth, and that’s all,” said Anna Tsybulskaya, the store manager of Nizkocene in Nazyvaevsk. – I called an ambulance.

Anna recalls that at first the store employees were in panic. Woman laid on the floor. The cashier was received by cashier Elena Barsukova – she was able to quickly navigate in an unusual situation. Elena was assisted by two women in labor who came into the store with her. The delivery was surprisingly fast – after a few minutes the child was already lying on the mother’s belly. [next]

“The buyers were surprisingly calm about what was happening,” recalls Anna Tsybulskaya. – We tried to get them out of the store, I went outside so as not to let anyone into the room. But the staff was difficult to control emotions – our employees were simply shocked by what was happening.

The baby was born weighing 3.6 kilograms. The boy was named Ivan. Later it turned out that this is the sixth child in the family of a 28-year-old woman. Last time, a paramedic took her childbirth right in the ambulance. At this time, the child was born before the arrival of physicians.

– Of course, the first time to take birth, and yes even the customer, we were scared. Later, when everything was over, we even laughed with the employees, revising this record, ”said Anna Tsybulskaya.


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