Thursday, August 22, 2019
Thursday, August 22, 2019

How to make a self-cutter for fishing rods 🚩 Hobbies and entertainment 🚩 Other

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Fishing rods with self-pods are designs designed to help fishermen. Not every angler is able to hook fish when biting. The self-pusher works automatically, catching the catch. You can make a device with your own hands.

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You will need

  • -pliers
  • scissors for cutting metal
  • -drill
  • -foot or jigsaw
  • -special scissors
  • – a thick wire from steel with a section of 3-4 mm and 300 mm long
  • – thin steel wire with a section of 1 mm
  • – thin board or plywood
  • – a piece of thick rubber (suitable school eraser)


Bend a thick wire in the lever.

Screw one end of the thin end onto the short end of the lever in the form of a spring. In this case, it is necessary to carefully measure the effort – for shallower, less tension will be required.

Saw a base of suitable size from a board or plywood.

Attach a lever with a spring to the base so that its long end is perpendicular to the surface.

On the long part of the base, which will be directed to the water, place the trigger – a piece of thin wire bent at a right angle. In the upper part of it, make a loop through which the lever will pass.

From rubber, make a retainer for the fishing line and put it on the hook for the descent or the long end of the lever.

Mount ashore with a pin or other fixture.

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How to make a self-cutter for fishing rods

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