How to make a child dress up on their own

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Children, as a rule, do not want to dress themselves. The main reason – can not. Well, it is inconvenient to stretch the pantyhose, who do not want to stretch themselves, put on pants, and yes even correctly, let alone fasten clothes. These "wrong" socks, which are all the time worn on the contrary, these incomprehensible sleeves, which for some reason do not fall hands. In the end, the baby starts to get nervous, cry and with hysterics throws this thing.

You can teach your child to dress yourself. It is absolutely not difficult. It is enough to show him how to do it correctly several times. You just need to do it at a slow pace, fixing each stage: inspecting the clothes, smoothing them out, you need to show which side the clothes should be in front of the child’s face in order to put them on correctly. Remember: the main thing – slowly. And it will be a big step to the next time the child did it himself. On the second or third attempt, allow the baby to put on the clothes himself. Let it be in one day, for example, a skirt or dress, trousers or tights.

On another day, something different from clothes. See what he does wrong. Repeat this step again in slow motion. Repeat? And now let the baby try again himself. If it still does not work out, put this item of clothing on him yourself, and next time repeat the process itself, first yourself, fixed, and then the child puts the clothes on again.

You can use the following two methods to make the process of learning dressing fun and interesting.

The first way: take some item of clothing. Imagine that you put it on the child. You understood correctly, imagine mentally. You can do it quickly. And now do it as presented, only in slow motion, slowly. Your baby should have time to remember all the details of the process.

What is the essence of this method. Adults do many things automatically, unconsciously. Because they are able to do it quickly, this is their usual business. The child can not understand how you do it, but he does not. And by slowing down the process that has become automatic for you, you are fixing virtually every movement in your head in the head. As a result, he begins to understand exactly what you are doing. All this is deposited in his head somewhere on a subconscious level. And in the beginning, he is just trying to dress himself, with some things he does, some do not, but over time all these actions will also work out in automatic mode. Just need a little time and your patience.

Remember when you watch magic tricks. You see how objects disappear and appear, wonder how it happened. But if you look at the same scene in slow motion, you begin to see that the magician hid something, pulled something out. It becomes clear to you how the trick turned out. The same thing with the child.

The second way: show the child the difference between the right and the wrong dressing clothes. Put on tights on the contrary and pull them not to the end. Let the baby be like them. Is it really inconvenient? Now take off your tights and put them on correctly. Is it now convenient? Yes, it is now convenient. Try to do so with several types of clothing: pants, jacket, dress, jacket.

And then, if the child independently puts on some thing wrong, he will not think that he is uncomfortable, because everyone has it, now he will know that, if uncomfortable, it means that something is wrong.

The third way is more suitable for dads, if you have a son and mothers, if you have a daughter. Prepare clothes for yourself and your child. Put the same. And now together start dressing. Dad puts on pants and son. Everything has to happen at the same time. Mom puts on tights and daughter. Then dress. Then shoes. If during the learning process the child puts on the clothes incorrectly, without being able to follow the parent, start over.

Try it. These are interesting training options for your baby. Interesting to both parents.

Not everything that is natural for you is natural for a child. No need to hope that the child will learn everything himself. Of course, there are no people who do not know how, for example, to dress. Everybody can. Learned sooner or later. Just think about the fact that your child in the kindergarten or at school will not be able to do what other children can do. And this will be the very first reason for ridicule from others. And here is the first set from childhood. Let him at least know how to do what a child should be able to do at his age. Then he will be sure of himself and the rest of the things he will get quickly. Do not miss this very first time for independence. This is the basis. And then just maintain existing skills and teach new ones.

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