A man walked and fell. Save or not?

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The text is printed as is, nothing is changed, copy-paste. I ask those who know not to cling to the 6/1 ratio, I know that 30/2 is necessary.

If it seems to you that this man lying on the bench needs your help, it seems to you.

If it seems to you that you are able to diagnose myocardial infarction with the help of a key fob, egg cutter and sacral knowledge – it’s not enough for you. You are also an asshole.

If you think that he is able to distinguish by eye the hemorrhagic stroke from the paresis of the facial nerve – you are an asshole in the square.
If it seems to you that you possess the techniques of manual cardio resuscitation, you are in perspective a whipped asshole leaning over the corpse.
If it seems to you that to feed with pills (any) a person who cannot argue with anything to you, it’s good and right to say: I’m boring in prison, and they’re still poorly fed there.[next]
PS: 'asshole' is a universal term applicable to any individual, regardless of gender or age.
Part two, heart attacks.
Nowadays (on the 2018 calendar, I will note) very, very, very few people walk down the street with NOT diagnosed heart diseases. Here it is so small that it is easier to meet diplodocus than a two-legged and erect-walking, SUDDENLY heart-stopping. Episodes 'went fishing and suddenly fell' do not even interfere in the error, and yes, we are all mortal, so there.

If a person who knows that he has heart problems (ischemic disease, atrial fibrillation, congenital malformations, etc) and rushes through the heat to +36 to the market with bins (for raspberries with stolen to blues with latex), then he is an asshole . First of all, in relation to themselves, then – to relatives and friends, who then treat this asshole (to bury / search for drug addicts).
A person is never 'bad' out of the blue, just like that 'took and poplohe' – does not happen. Everything has a cause and effect, no matter how trite it sounds.

So, if you ignore point? 1 of the introductory part (in vain), then remember:

DO NOT start an indirect heart massage if you have not seen a person lose their breath.
If the grandmother lies in an unnatural (natural / frivolous) pose on the asphalt face up, and it does not move – with a very high degree of probability she is already dead.
IMPORTANT: a corpse with a heart attack is a problem in a corpse, a corpse with a heart attack and broken ribs (and if you try to 'swing' your grandmother then your ribs will surely break) – the problem is for the one who grandmother 'shook'. Believe it.
If the grandmother moves, grabs her heart, slurs her blue lips with slurred lips – create comfort for her. He is lying in the sun – dragging him in the shade, lying in a puddle – pulling out of a puddle, hanging on a fire – agree with the inquisitor.

If the granny herself crawled away into a soft turd under the canopy of thick bushes – let her lie where she lies.
Grandma wants to lie on her side, coquettishly putting her heel on a string bag – let her lie as comfortable as she is, do not straighten her grandmother!
Fields grandmother with water, grandmothers like coolness, you can put a handkerchief on your head, you can frozen chicken (through a rag, so as not to freeze to the eyebrows), in short, depending on the circumstances, but DO NOT SHOCK BABKA !!!
If you are a lone ranger who found a dying old woman in the middle of the runway (shooting range) then after wading into the shadows, call 103 immediately.

If (more likely) grandma is found a) alive; b) in urban development – you are not a lonely ranger of the nichrome, and first and foremost, with a loud scream, instruct those around you about call 103. Let them call while you drag your grandmother into coolness and comfort.
To drag the leg is not necessary. For hair, too, is not necessary.
For clothes wound on a fist in the chest with one hand, and the second supporting the head coaxially to the body – is necessary. Found the second heroic ushlepka – drag the clothes together (not by the collar, strangle!) And let the third one bang the ring in 103.
Everything. Now we wait. We poison jokes, we play in the 'cities' – but we DON'T KNOW BABKA! If you have not died before that, it will wait soon.
IMPORTANT: 'epicardial blow' – ticket grandmother to the next world and you in jail.

Nitroglycerin heart stopped treatment about the same when syphilis stopped treatment with mercury and the claws of the bat.
Do not give grandma pills. No pills, no pills at all, do you hear? NO BL%? * B TABLETS!
You can drink water. You can not drink water only when a knife sticks out in the belly (stick / stuffed gopher) – but more on that in the next series.
The diagnosis of myocardial infarction can be made ONLY by the doctor and only by the results of the ECG.

Killers in white coats will arrive – name Vasya Pupkin (Akulina Zhopova), tell Cho and see and merge into the sunset. You have nothing more to do there (why the heck would you?)
If a conditionally young and healthy body walks along the street next to you, and he suddenly pophlohelo with a heart, and you see with your own eyes how he turns from a ruddy handsome into a dull eggplant, and now the motor stops right at him (you see,% unlike% ?) – then put it on your back and start the engine. That's just like they were taught, paws in the middle of the sternum, arms straight and drove. 6 pushes – such good, from the heart, straight with all the weight – 1 breath. In this case, do not forget, the dying – comfort, the audience – to call 103. ALWAYS call 103.
Well, then like a grandmother, killer doctors arrived – merge in the direction of the forest.

I intend not to describe such sci-fi decompositions like 'having an automatic defibrillator in a special niche in the wall' and 'a button to call a doctor to a dying old woman at the pharmacy' – this is not in our reality.

Series Three, strokes:

Strokes are getting younger. Fact. I don’t know how it is now – but in 1999, out of the 'strokes', one out of every four was under forty, so take care of yourself% username% /

For some reason I do not understand, until now, children from primary school age are not shown or told about the stroke test. The test is very simple

1) Smile
2) Name yourself
3) Raise 2 hands
4) Stick out the tongue

1 Ask the person to smile (he will not be able to do this by both corners of his mouth, the smile will turn out to be a curve).
2 Ask to say a simple sentence, for example, “Today is a good weather,” or give your full name and name (it will be slowed down, a person may not remember the text).
3 Ask to raise both hands (will not be able or only partially will be able to raise).
4 Ask to stick out the tongue (if the tongue is twisted, turned – this is also a reason to panic).

Immediately stink in 103. Patient – peace, coolness and comfort. No bullying the legs above the head, putting pads bricks cats, as comfortable – let it lie. Comfortably sit – let him sit.
He wants to go to the balcony to pick some fresh sprats on the Christmas tree – hold it in a horizontal position.
Clouding of reason is not the best friend of walking.
If you really want spruce sprats, so it’s hard to keep – put something soft under your head and hold it until the arrival of the killer doctors. They have the skills to deal with it.

NB: being on the right hand to the side of a person lying on the floor, it is possible with the knee of the right leg (I am left-handed, it is more convenient for me) to step on the forearm, then you can hold the second hand of the stupid insult epileptic with your right hand, release the freaks and mischievous bream. Well, or keep his head so as not to knock on the floor (depending on the degree of mischief in a particular situation)
Is always. At the slightest. Suspicions. What is a stroke – call 103.

Proof: Evil Medic from VK, but most likely it is only one of the links in the chain

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