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This design will suit more for a spacious room. The dominant colors in the interior – a combination of steel and blue with warm natural brown and beige shades. The key design element is a fresco with a panorama of the coast of Sydney. The walls with harmoniously built niches are finished with decorative plaster. Successfully fit into the interior of a stylish corner sofa.

This design can be implemented in an apartment with missing load-bearing walls, but it is also perfect for an isolated or walk-through living room. The design is based on a combination of warm colors with natural materials and original textures, which is emphasized by unique lighting. It is quite minimalistic. The walls are decorated with apricot-colored decorative paint with a slight metallic luster. For upholstered furniture, textile upholstery of neutral light gray or beige colors is chosen. Shelves and tables with a pronounced wood texture. In general, the interior is geometrically simple, but very cozy and beautiful.

This is an expressive and bright interior. For the walls used various materials and textures – wallpaper and decorative paint. Active color contrasts of the walls are emphasized by lighting. Furniture in the living room created by specially designed projects.

Notice how important lighting is. In the first, colder version, the designer added a “warm” zone. And now the floor, the column and the side niches are imperceptibly combined with pillows on the couch, without disturbing, but on the contrary, complementing the very idea.

That is why, before purchasing the elements of decor, it is necessary to visualize the future of the interior, not forgetting about the lighting. Thus, the picture will develop in one puzzle and it will be seen what will be combined and how.

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