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An 84-year-old Nigerian pastor paid his wife's dowry 46 years after marrying the woman.

Pastor John Olusola Ojo and his wife
As a young man, Pastor John Olusola Ojo was looking forward to having a home, with a woman at his side and children around him, living together forever as a happy family. Although the young Olusola Ojo came from a modest background, he soon came across a young woman named Olabisi, in which he had fallen in love. She has a fun and cheerful style that charms the young man. The lady, though from a more pleasant background, found love in the eyes of Olusola Ojo and began a relationship that lasted almost half a decade.
However, there was an obstacle. Olabisi's uncle, who was the breadwinner of the family, had a different idea for a personal reason. He would rather want his niece to marry his colleague at the Nigeria Railway Corporation, a senior railroad driver to marry Olabisi, but she would not. Her heart was already on Olusola Ojo and she was prepared to stay with him despite his bad background, no matter what the situation.
Because Olabisi refused to follow his line, he was often the victim of her uncle, but that did not stop them. In fact, at one point in time, she was taken to the remote Kafanchan in Kaduna State to forget Olusola Ojo. Undaunted, she soon returned to him to reassure him of her immortal love.
Today, all of this has become history when, 46 years later, the then young Olusola, who was a pastor in his 80s, decided to have the traditional wedding that he could not have at that time. The traditional wedding was scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, 2018 and had all the stuff of a young couple just before the wedding. Anyone who is not fully aware of the people involved must have surprised them and wondered why a grandmother should take the place of a young bride at a traditional wedding, unaware that the grandmother herself is the bride and groom the eighty-year-old bride was bridegroom.
For the "wedding anniversary", 84-year-old Pastor Ojo and 70-year-old Iya Ojo, as she is affectionately known, have been a legal wife and husband for 46 years.
In response to the curiosity of people wondering why it took so long to decide to pay his wife's dowry, Pa Ojo took up the story. In his words, his intention was not to delay the dowry, but the delay was caused by his in-laws.
"It was not because of disrespect for my in-laws or the Yoruba tradition, nor because of my financial background, but because of the position of my wife's uncle, who was then the breadwinner of the family," He was satisfied.
The bride during the ceremony
Pastor Ojo, founder of the Christian Apostolic Church (CAC) Odi-Ajaye Zone, Nigeria and Overseas, noted that he wanted to do the right thing as other young candidates do, but his future in-laws would not allow her daughter to marry him, because they had different ideas.
In more detail, Pastor Ojo, the only surviving child of his mother, said that he had fallen in love with the merry character of the young Olabisi. He wasted no time in making her a suggestion, and Olabisi agreed, but her uncle was the obstacle.
"On many occasions, her uncle will put her in a coma to denounce me because of Bisi's determination to marry me, she would not change her mind, even if her uncle convinced her to go to Kafanchan in the northern part of Nigeria, That distance would remove my love from her heart One day, after the series persecutions, Bisi returned to me, assuring me that even if I had married five wives, she was ready to become the sixth.
When all convictions of having my in-laws accept my daughter's bride price failed, the General Director of the Christian Apostolic Church, Nigeria, advised us to go to the legal marriage, which confirmed us husband and wife in 1972. My in-laws had years in our marriage a change of the heart; Since then we have maintained a good relationship. " he said.
Pastor Ojo emphasized the change in heart by his parents-in-law and said that at some point his father-in-law was ill and had taken him home where he remained until he was healthy enough to return to his home.
After years of marriage, the in-laws were so pleased with the way the Ojos had developed that no one thought of asking him to pay for their daughter's dowry.
"In fact, the relationship with all my in-laws was so heartfelt that no one asked for the bride price, but because of my faith as a Christian, the bride price is a must in God's eyes, so I have to pay it, at least if it just shows how I really appreciate my dear wife Olabisi.
"Today, I do credit to God to save my life, to see it today, I have to tell you that my mother gave birth to four children in front of me, three died within a short time.
"My mother has decided to have another child, I was about six months old in her womb when the fourth child died, and I was born on a Revival site during a crusade involving the late apostle Ayo Babalola and the evangelist Babajide in Oke-Oye, Ilesha.
"According to the secrets revealed to me, part of the plan was to kill me before I was born in the twelfth month of a week-long awakening program of Apostle Babajide, becoming the older brother of my mother, the head referee Abioye Olufayo, the Aro of Ilare-Ijesha to be eternally grateful.
"He fought vigorously to the extent that the people of Ilare to this day believe that he is my natural father, as well as he, to save my mother from this premature and painful death, but despite all his efforts, my mother could with her sixth child in her not survive. " He remembered.
The "Bride," who remembered the good old days when the story began, said she was determined to marry Pastor Ojo for his bad lineage.
"I knew I could take care of him, I concluded that my parents were financially good – my mother was a fruit buyer, while my father was a commercial farmer – but for my people, he was poor to salvation, they called him "one-man jacket." It took a lot of pacification before I was allowed to marry him. " Iya Ojo said.
She thought about her married life and said: "I thank God for His mercy for the two of us, for our children for whom we are today, and I have to thank Him for His special kindness, until that moment I never had a reason to regret having married my husband.
"Most of all, I am grateful to God that I am one of those women who were traditionally married, I valued my people by paying my dowry, and I'm really glad it happened to me." she raved about it.

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