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In my opinion, “Russia of the 90s” was better because these times were much more honest. Many, of course, will object – in the 90s there was a rampant crime, poverty and other horrors. But that is precisely what will be the answer to their own question. After all, when the people in Russia experienced all this in the 90s, the mood was in the air, that this, they say, was only now in such difficult times, burdened with post-Soviet costs. With all this you need only to survive. After all, little by little, everything is normalizing, and then – one day the light times will come when we will finally heal humanly. But in "modern Putin's Russia", there was a substitution of concepts. A new paradigm was imposed, that continuing rampant crime, poverty and other horrors, and not only gaining new momentum, in comparison with the 90s, but even reaching degradation back in the worst times of the USSR – all this is supposedly not something bad , and as if there are those “bright times” that everyone has been waiting for. As if trying to convince us: they say it’s better to wait? And all those who continue to see the flaws of modern Russia are, allegedly, only “traitors to the motherland,” recruited by Ukrainians, the US State Department, freemasons or reptilians. And that all of them should be declared “enemies of the people”, expelled from the state, or go to the next “GULAG”. Literally, as in the "tale of the naked king." Or, as in the times of Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, Joseph Stalin, Ivan the Terrible and other unpleasant historical personalities who used to see enemies everywhere, because of their incompetent and criminal policies.

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