What herbal teas can be given to a child ? Child health

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Fragrant and delicious herbal teas can have a beneficial effect on well-being. Some of them are great for strengthening the immune system or to combat seasonal viral diseases. Other drinks based on herbs and flowers help to cheer up, add energy. There are special fees that relieve nervous tension and normalize sleep, or have a positive effect on digestion and the work of internal organs. Many varieties of herbal teas are permissible to give to children. What herbs can and should be consumed in childhood?

Most teas based on herbs and flowers are recommended to be introduced into the diet of a child after one or three years. However, some options, for example, tea with chamomile or decoction of dill, it is permissible to use when the child is very small (from six months or even earlier).

Herbal tea in the children's menu can be used not only as a specific therapeutic agent. It will add variety, perfectly cope with thirst. Certain types of herbal drinks can be used to prevent any painful conditions, to normalize well-being at the moment or to enrich the children's body with useful substances and vitamins.

Starting to water her baby with herbal tea, the first time you need to very carefully monitor his reaction and health. Many herbs can cause an allergic reaction. Too much dosage, excessive drinking of herbal tea can also negatively affect children's well-being, causing, for example, indigestion. If you plan to give the child herbal tea for the purpose of treatment, you must first consult a pediatrician's doctor.

Herbal infusions should not be made too strong. Giving them in a very hot form is also not recommended for the child.

Melissa Tea

This herbal tea is useful if the child does not sleep well, suffers from nightmares, often wakes up and falls asleep very difficult. Melissa has a positive effect on daily activity, removing anxiety and anxiety in young children. It is recommended to brew and give this herbal tea to a child if there are any problems with the stomach and with digestion in general. Melissa helps strengthen the nervous system, favorably affects immunity.

Lime tea

This drink can be given to the child in its pure form or with the addition of sugar or honey. Honey should be mixed into tea carefully and in small portions, as it can provoke a strong allergy.

Lime drink as tea with melissa, relieves nervous excitement and normalizes sleep. It improves the process of assimilation and digestion of food, eliminates problems with the chair. It is useful to give tea with linden to children in the season of colds. As part of the drink is vitamin C and flavonoids, which successfully fight various inflammatory processes.

Plantain Drink

This herbal tea can be given to children from the very young age, it practically does not cause an allergic reaction. Tea with plantain effectively fights inflammation in the body. It alleviates the condition during sore throat, ARVI / OCR. If your child's gums are inflamed, then such tea will also help. It is necessary to turn to the drink with plantain and in order to facilitate breathing in various diseases of the respiratory system.

Fennel Tea

This natural remedy perfectly fights various microbes, so fennel tea is recommended for use during the period of illness. For children, herbal tea is useful in the period of problems with digestion. It relieves pain in the intestines and gases, normalizes the process of digestion and can be a very mild, but effective laxative.

Thyme tea

If the child was tortured with abdominal pain, colic and other negative manifestations of the gastrointestinal tract, it is worth giving him this version of herbal tea. Thyme very quickly relieves from a serious condition and normalizes the work of the digestive tract, also helps to get rid of worms. At the same time, the infusion of thyme tones up, helps to cope with various loads, it can be useful for children who have just begun to adapt to school. Thyme is effective in nervous tension, cough, fever and flu.

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