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ON Nigerian caterer, left her friends in a panic mode after sharing a disturbing post. The lady who seems to be seriously suffering depression shared photos of her children and said other people would love her more than she did.

She also said that she was unhappy and felt that nothing good came from her life.

She wrote

They complete me.

At that moment, you know, nobody loves you, wants you, believe you, trust you.
Who knows what feelings you feel depressed by someone you fell in love with, and you know that everything has been lies.
Or is it when you know that you are unlucky and can not be useful to anyone.
How can I find out why your past influences your present and your future, even though the past has betrayed you and made you what you are not?

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When I look at these pictures of my adorable children, I know that my beautiful family loves them as I do.
@lizzyolejeme @alexandramylee@kaodili__ @ krobe_ @ ujunwa0_ always and take on Jaden & Jaden will definitely come back for her at the right time.
@glaminky Tell your brother that everything I've said is nothing but the truth, God will make a way for him and eventually he should never let anyone abuse my flesh and blood. Bring them on the way of Christ and teach them to love their neighbors and enemies.
How can I forget my wonderful sisters with whom I met? @naijabrandchick the trunk is the future.
Lastly, to my fantastic clients who have patronized me, thank you and I will miss doing what I do best.
@tradloft @daisy_macaulay @cute_karamel You know what I feel for you.
Until we met again!
Help others in depression to leave asi in peace with love ???

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