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While the BMW F90 M5 began to be delivered to customers worldwide, the next best thing in the BMW range was the BMW M550i xDrive – gets an increase in performance thanks to KW suspension. The company, behind some of the most powerful suspension configurations, has now developed and unveiled an aftermarket chassis for the BMW 5 Series with xDrive.

With their solution, you can lower the BMW 5 Series M550i xDrive or 520d xDrive with the coilovers of variant 3 by up to 55 mm. In addition, with the KW dampers, you can independently adjust both the compression and rebound levels for better handling and cornering performance.

With the KW coilover suspension, the BMW G30 5 Series can drive much more direct and uncompromising. The KW coilover kit is also available for the Series 5 rear-wheel drive 5 series sedans.

"With our chassis from the Street Performance program, the basic equipment is always as short as necessary and as comfortable as possible," says KW product manager Johannes Wacker. "With our variant 3, the new BMW 5 Series is sporty and comfortable." KW automotive has achieved this by using several valves in the dampers.

KW V3 BMW M550i xDrive G30 Scope of delivery 830x554

Variant 3 employs a set of pre-configured high-speed compression valves that can only be opened when large obstacles or bumps are run over, allowing the shock absorber to quickly absorb the bump by immediately directing large volumes of fluid through the valve.

"This way, even with maximum lowering, we can open the quick-acting valves and avoid the wheels when driving over bumps or large transverse joints." In such driving situations, the sedan of the 5 Series can be driven safely and safely even at the limit ", Johannes Wacker emphasizes the unique selling points KW coilovers made of stainless steel. The BMW 5 Series xDrive (G30) Sedan can be lowered by 30 to 55 mm both on the front and on the rear axle.

KW variant 3 with separately adjustable rebound and compression stage

The Twin Valve Rebound – Adjustable (TVR-A) allows rebound damping to be boosted or dampened by a 16-click rebound dial located at the top of the piston rod. With a lower rebound, the comfort is increased, which gives the driver a longer or daily rest. On the other hand, with a higher rebound, the handling is further enhanced by a stiffer suspension build, resulting in a reduced body roll. This improves the steering precision even with fast cornering.

KW V3 BMW M550i xDrive G30 front axle strut 830x554

The patented KW TVC-A (Twin Valve Compression – Adjustable) also allows adaptation to low-speed compression damping. Via the integrated dial – directly on the stainless steel housing – the pressure level can be adjusted with twelve clicks. This setting is separate from the rebound damping, resulting in a suspension solution that reduces pitching and rolling even in extremely demanding maneuvers. A higher compression level on the front axle also supports an even more direct steering and on the rear axle it counteracts oversteer.

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