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To say "I love you" has a special meaning. Of course, you love to hear sentimental and meaningful messages in many ways. Maybe you're looking for new ways to express how you feel, and "I love you" just does not feel like enough.

Maybe you like to read quotes from love movies and novels, or you're one of those hopeless romantics who love to think about love.

Need help finding out how to restore that glow of love in the eyes of your husband / wife? Or do you need something to put your Tinder bio in, so that you really look deep and profound?

You can pull a cheesy music video stunt and put one of the love quotes on a napkin and push it to your love interest as you walk away while Deja Vu from Beyonce plays in your head.

If you are expressing love for the first time or saying "I love you" a million times before Valentine's Day, these quotes are perfect to share in a paragraph text or handwritten love letter.

Starting ahead of the race can only get you to the finish first, and it also makes the one who waits for you very happy.

So start planning ahead to find out which quote best describes your relationship or possible relationship.

If so, we have selected 50 great quotes so you do not have to.

These best love quotes of all time are for more than just reading – we've chosen them to inspire you. To help you decide on the next perfect Instagram caption. To help you tell him how you really feel – without just blowing it out.

These quotes are not only immensely romantic, but are also from your favorite movie or book by Nicolas Sparks, John Green, etc.

If you've never seen the movies or read the books before, then * Spoil Alert *, you'll see why it made everyone cry.

1. There is nothing more romantic than a sweet smile for the one you love the most.

"This smile could end wars and cure cancer."

– A wealth of katherines

2. Do not let them forget how special they really are.

"You are so busy being you that you have no idea how unprecedented you are."

– The blame for our stars

3. That feeling, if it's there for you, even in your darkest hours.

"Learn to let go of the past and realize that … only in the darkness of the night are the stars visible and those stars are leading you home."

– A walk to remember

4. Always remember how important he is to you.

"If you … lose enough people, you'll appreciate the memories you have …"

– The lucky guy

5. Surprise him with a text that says so.

"I do not have much to offer, but I promise you that you can have the best of me."

– The best of me

6. Take it from one of the best romance novels of all time.

"I did not mean to fall in love with you … but once we met it was clear that none of us could control what happened to us."

– The notebook

7. Show your appreciation to your loved ones.

"You are the answer to every prayer I have offered you, you are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I do not know how I would have lived without you as long as I did."

– The notebook

8. Are you his quiet person?

"I've always liked quiet people: you never know if they dance in a daydream or if they carry the weight of the world."

– In search of Alaska

9. There is nothing like the direct approach.

"I'm just a girl who stands in front of a boy and asks him to love her."

– Notting Hill

10. Unconditional love is the best kind of love.

You want me to fall in love with you. How do I do that if I never stopped?

– The best of me

11. Do not be selfish, be selfless.

"I finally understood what true love means … Love means that you care about the happiness of another person, more than your own, no matter how painful the choice may be."

– Dear John

12. Forgiveness is the key.

"The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive."

– In search of Alaska

13. Love is selfless.

"Love requires sacrifice, but it's worth it."

– Longest ride

14. There is nothing like a good kiss.

"Because as good as the kiss is, nothing feels as good as the anticipation."

– A wealth of katherines

15. Kissing must be the key to eternal life.

"… nothing would ever be compared to this single moment when I kissed the girl of my dreams for the first time and knew that my love would last forever."

– Dear John

16. You know how happy you are.

"Some people search their whole life for what I found in you."

– The notebook

17. Find someone who completes you.

"If we had never met, I would have known that my life was not complete …"

– The longest ride

18. Give in to love.

"You may not understand, but I gave you everything, and after you left, nothing was the same."

– The best of me

19. Love is gentle.

"I fell in love with you as you fall asleep, slowly, then suddenly."

– The blame for our stars

20. For the chosen few.

"It would be a privilege to break my heart of you."

– The blame for our stars

21. Nothing more romantic than being yourself.

"Because you're just thinking of her – maybe-not-how-you-maybe-not-how-me-and-you know, if you're that way, nobody likes you."

– A wealth of katherines

22. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"Every girl is beautiful, sometimes only the right person needs to see it."

– The notebook

23. A Top 10 Vow.

"I vow to love you in all your forms …"

– The vow

24. Use this for a romantic promise of your wedding.

"I vow to help you, to love life … to love in the warmth of your heart and always call it home."

– The vow

25. Everyone has feelings.

"What a treacherous thing, thinking a person is more than a person."

– Paper Cities

26. Do not forget the good times.

"You do not remember what happened, what you remember is what's going to happen."

– A wealth of katherines

27. If you only … know.

"I knew even then how rare this kind of love is, only the happiest people ever experience it."

– The best of me

28. When you are with your partner, it brings you joy.

"I want you all, forever, you and me, every day."

– The notebook

29. Love is out there, even if it is hidden.

"Now you are not forever."

– turtles all the way down

30. Why wait? Trade now!

"You've spent your life in the labyrinth … you're just using the future to escape the present."

– In search of Alaska


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