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By Abel Udoekene

Two things have triggered this enumeration, firstly, in recent weeks I have received a series of telephone calls from some journalists and bloggers claiming that I did not support the media evangelism of Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio's greatness, as in the past. Some of them even sent articles that I had sponsored on their platforms to remind me of one of my famous hobbies. Promote Akwa Ibom State and celebrates the uniqueness of its size.

As I told one of my friends from PUNCH, I was never an adviser to Akpabio, I was not on his payroll, I never benefited from his benevolence and during his 8 years as governor of Akwa Ibom, my local government area Ouk Anam LGA was founded by his government "somehow neglected".

Second, the meeting always sat as an unwanted guest on October 30, 2012hosted by a man whom I respect so much, Mr. Inemesit Ina– The then Chief Press Officer of Obong Nsima Ekere brought back some memories that deserve attention.

I remember being one of my friends on the campaign team looking for a leadership position in the Student Union (UNIUYO). I had accompanied him to meet someone who worked with Mr. Inemesit Ina, but surprisingly, when we got to the office, we were welcomed with a stern and sad atmosphere, some people moved up and down, some gathered in the group discuss and shake their heads. I thought perhaps a relative of Mr. Inemesit Ina was affected by the superstorm Sandy who devastated New York and New Jersey that day, but my thought was not true.

"Nsima should be the governor, not this power, drunken, stupid Annang man, who has suddenly become a little god," a Nsima counselor ended the long silence, but they seem not to notice our presence.
"I told my supervisor he should not trust him, see how he repaid him." He pushed the table away and was out of control, as if preparing for an attack on Akpabio.

"Stop this madness!" Mr. Inemesit Ina appeared from afar. "We fought so hard to bring this government, it does not matter what happened today or tomorrow, we should be proud of our achievements." He sighed, I could feel the tears in his eyes and the reactions of his helpers broke the news.

"He will hand in his letter of resignation tomorrow, allow some commissioners nominated by him to continue, please pack your personal belongings, make sure that this does not come in the press by tomorrow." He immediately left the building and we sat helplessly gossiping and making plans about what they would do to Akpabio when they finally got the opportunity to confront him.

In 2019It is very important that we understand that the governorship election takes place between the governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel the PDP and Obong Nsima Ekere from the APC, not Godswill Akpabio, But a situation in which some APC media consultants face Akpabio instead of telling the people of Akwa Ibom Nsima Ekere's plans for the state is very unfortunate.

To tell the truth, I do not know much about it Nsima Ekere, I heard most from the projects of NDDC under his leadership acted below average, especially in Akwa Ibom state, I even drove through a street allegedly committed by NDDC under his leadership which became very bad after only 4 weeks of commissioning, my friends will remind me constantly the NDCC Skill Acquisition Scam, which deceived so many young people that they were trained on different skills, but nothing has happened to this day. These are the topics with which the APC media team should not address posters, as if billboards would bring food to the table of Akwa Ibomite.

On AkpabioI have two problems with Akpabio, first, his rhetorical Warsaw Declaration, whether it is funny, he claims, has increased tension in many parts of the state, and that is very unhealthy for our collective existence as a state. Second, his very popular statement "While I was in PDP my heart was with you (Buhari)" has broken so many hearts, whether we like it or not, it will take years for those of us who have spent money on ourselves and still spend to project their image and that of our dear state.

On Udom EmmanuelI met him once in the state of Lagos when I was Publicity Secretary, Central Christian Youth Community, QIC Lagos Superintendency in 2007 and we talked about 7 minutes. I must confess, he is someone who has an eye for quality and pride for excellence. That's why he has hired investors who have invested heavily in building a coconut refinery, the metering factory, the syringe factory, and so on. The biggest complaint I have experienced during my tour of Akwa Ibom last year is that he has so many Quiescent Commissioners and Helpers, while this may or may not be true, as a nation we have to decide between now and February he should continue or not – of course, his SCcorecard is there for everyone.

But beyond the rhetoric, it is very important that we recall that Obgh Godswill Obot Akpabio 2019 should not fight for governorship and focus on his senatorial ambitions and solidify his status as a true nationalist, while the media advisors should be APC and Nsima tell us about billboards and focus on Nsima Ekere's plans for Akwa Ibom.

I know that Udom Emmanuel's legacy in the last three and a half years is enough to win his re-election. And I think the team of Nsima Ekere should stop relying on Akpabio, Warsaw or the federal government in 2019 and discuss his plans with Akwa Ibom instead of confronting Akpabio, as if Akpabio was arguing for governor in 2019.

Abel Udoekene is a farmer, writer and social media strategist, you can reach him Twitter or email him @ [email protected]

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