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Grilled cheese. Pretty easy, right? Crusty bread, melted cheese, (much) butter, maybe some mayo or spicy sauce. Glorious, although sometimes a little bit the same as the same ol. But maybe it does not have to. Maybe you have some pimple cheese in your fridge that you would not normally combine. Maybe you have some Jam or fruit preserves on the hand, or membrillo, or Pesto, And maybe there is some salami or boiled bacon or leftover stewed greens in your midst. Yes, you can and should – and indeed, whatever you call – put in your grilled cheese, and you will thank for it. With a bit of inspiration from these stock holders and a bit of guidance on how to put it all together, your (and definitely my) favorite food can benefit from some wildness.

keyword Cook in the bar, our new playbook for simple weekday dinners, held on the 30th, It leaves you indulging in time-tested standbys – burgers, baked pastas, chilli, frittatas, and yes, grilled cheese, just to name a few – using a fill-in-the-blank recipe template. You can use whatever is in your fridge or pantry, query your family and friends for ideas, or the "hints and hints" on the back of the recipe to guide you. You'll find three copies of every recipe you can pull out, so make each dish a few times to find your favorite combinations, or pass them on to the other grilled cheese lovers in your life.


Before you go! Share this content on any social media platform

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