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The best deals of the dayThe best deals from the internet, updated daily.

We are seeing a lot of offers on the internet Kinja offersbut these were our ten favorites today.

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Who could not use an extra terabyte? This Seagate expansion drive Needs no additional power cord and has dropped to an all-time low of $ 45 on Amazon today. Plug it into your PS4. put it in your XboxConnect it to your parent's computer, which has not been supported since the Bush administration. Just plug it in somewhere, damn it!

# 2 Shark ninja

Shark Ninja produces an interesting mix of kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners and some of their biggest hits are available in today's Amazon Gold Box.

The star of the show must be the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional for $ 120, The non-professional model of this one (which has a smaller trash can) is the preferred affordable vacuum of our readersand the actual bowels of the vacuum can actually lift off from the mobile pedestal for easier maneuverability on stairs, in your car and in confined spaces.

Elsewhere on the vacuum front, a Dyson-type battery stick vac and a robot vacuum are also on offer, for people who can not stand cables and tasks.

Moving to the kitchen, my favorite discount is the Ninja Countertop Mixer, I own this thing, and its 1500W engine is no joke. It also has a variety of automatic mixing programs that automatically measure and change velocities, and even suction cups on the base to keep it quiet on your counter. At $ 100, whopping $ 60- $ 80 less than usual, it's an absolute bargain.

Ninja's Smart Auto IQ Coffee Maker is also a great deal for $ 100. My mother-in-law owns a version of this, and it makes excellent iced coffee, among other drinks.

There is also a Smart slow cooker for salebut this is harder to recommend in the age of Instant Pot.

Keep in mind that, as with all Gold Box offers, these prices are only available today or until sold out.

# 3 Tumi

Tumi | Up to 40% off | Nordstrom Rack
Picture: Nordstrom rack

Home for the holidays? Nordstrom Rack will feel you – and this big bag of gifts you want to take with you. Prepare for your journey and impress your extended family as you roll with a ton of trendy Tumi gear to your parents' home 40% off Nordstrom Rack for the next two days.

If you are looking for something compact, do not forget: Tumi is the manufacturer of one of our favorites sponge bagsome of which are on sale.

# 4 Klipsch speaker

Klipsch's The Sixes Are big powered monitors by any means (I would encourage you to check this review on CNET) and if you do not use them as part of a home theater setup, they also work directly with Bluetooth, so you can also connect your phone wirelessly for a quick listening session without a dongle or receiver.

For a limited time, You can get the pair in either ebony or walnut for an all time low $ 498 with our exclusive promo code KINJABGA. Be sure you see Robert's LP as a salesman.

# 5 Adidas

If you wear out the running surfaces of your running shoes in warm weather, You can slip from Adidas by 30% on a new pair today with action code RUNNING. This code should work on over 60 pairs listed on this page, including both serious running shoes and shoes that look more like casual sneakers.

# 6 Casper mattress

If you still have mattresses with metal springs, today is a good day to fix it. For one day only in Amazon Gold Box, Casper's entry-level essential mattresses are 20% off, in every size.

Screenshot: Casper

That brings the queen at $ 480, and the king down to $ 580Unlike other mattresses that you can buy from Amazon, they come with a 100-day free trial. If you do not like it, just let Casper know, and they'll send someone to get it.

Compared to the standard mattress by Casper, the Essential is a bit thinner, does not contain a memory foam layer and has no additional support in the hip. All in all, it is still a good mattress, and as we have already mentioned, there is no real risk of trying it out.

# 7 Amazon furniture

Stone & Beam and Rivet Furniture Discounts | Amazon Link 1 | Link 2
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Are you looking for a trendy midcentury look without spending a fortune? Amazon takes care of her by removing a ton of her Rivet and Stone and Beam furniture, for a limited time.

Note: There are two sales links with two different product groups. Why? I can not tell you, but look at both of you: Link 1 | Link 2

Over 70 products are included in this sale (between two Left), from mirror and lamps all the way to a big couch.

# 8 REI

Extra 25% discount | REI Outlet | Merrell, Colombia, prAna, Black Diamond & Dakine only
Graphic: Shep McAllister

It's the best time of year to go outside REI Outlet 25% off the saleIt's a great time to update your wardrobe in the fall. The sale is limited to five brands, but they are good: Merrell, Columbia, Prana, Black Diamond & Dakine. All in all, there are over 700 discounts, so dive in. These sales end tomorrow.

Note: Discount displayed at checkout.

# 9 lightning cable

Extra long charging cable They're perfect for running behind your couch or stretching from a nasty outlet to your bedside table Reader Favorite Anchor PowerLine cable is about $ 3 from its usual price today if you use the promo code ANKER392. That should work on all five colors.

# 10 silicone bag

If you read this UN climate report and feel like doing something, then the replacement of Ziploc bags with washable silicone bags is unlikely to save our future, I'm sorry. But it does not hurt! And they can actually pay themselves over time because you no longer need to buy disposable bags in the store.

This firm sent me a bunch of these bags for testingand they work great. I washed them in the dishwasher without a hitch and even used them as a sous vide bag to cook steaks. I even flooded them completely to make sure the tips did not let in water, and they did not.

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