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The Bayelsa government has announced that the number of trained native teachers in the state education sector has risen from five to thirty percent. The number of native teachers will rise to 70 percent by 2027.

According to the Bayelsa government, the local share of the Ministry of Education has grown from five percent to 30 percent, and by 2027 it will be 70 percent. The trained teachers are the ones who will influence the knowledge of the younger generation Handle the oil industry.

Honorable Jonathan Obibibite, Education Commissioner, announced this at the closing ceremony of the six (6) week training program for 250 teachers of mathematics, basic knowledge and technology organized by the NCDMB in collaboration with the State Ministry of Education in Africa, Bolou Orua University Campus.

Hon. Obuebite noted that the teachers accepted and shared themselves and also showed the excitement throughout the duration of the training. He added that the teachers spent most of their time with them during training to consider it their own project.

He urged them to influence and instruct most of their colleagues who were not allowed to attend the workshop, pointing out that student achievement in the state was the justification for training.

Previously, the Governor of Bayelsa, Hon. Seriake Dickson, called on the country's oil multinationals to become more closely associated with the state's education sectors in order to build the capacity of the younger generation and open them to opportunities in the oil sector.

Governor Dickson pointed out that the role of teachers in capacity-building can not be stressed enough, adding that if teachers were not effectively trained to teach students whichever government invests in the sector, would be a waste.

He said that the government under his leadership is committed and determined to motivate teachers through training and retraining, and that if more companies can work with the government in such programs, heaven will not be our limit.

He urged her to continue on her own and focus on what they were thinking, adding that the government's dream is to see a society where the teacher will be proud of his job.

"My dream is to see a society where teachers can be proud of what they do, if we leave their dreams here, we'll achieve excellence, knowledge is dynamic, you have to keep improving, programs like this are essential and how you go through the papers you were taught "

In his speech, the executive secretary of NCDMB, Simbi Wabote, who said earlier that the future of the society depends on the teachers, that if the teachers are not equipped with such training, the student will make the effort of the board becomes futile.

Wabote, of General Manager, Capacity Building, Dr. Ama Ikuru was represented, pledged 100 percent support from the Board to build the capacity of the people of the country.

One of the beneficiaries and the best English teacher, Ms. Osaisai Uche Evans from South Ijaw Secondary School Oporoma, praised the development partners and the state government for the opportunity to influence their knowledge over the past few weeks.The Bayelsa government

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