Wakanda Nation payout for 20/10/2018, total payout – 3.77 million naira. -Nigerian

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Good day, great Wakandians. I am pleased to inform you that we have completed the payment for this week. Congratulations to VIP and affiliate members who have made big profits!

Please note the following:

  1. This is the sponsored post for today, so you should drop your testimony or your comment just ONCE
  2. Some people have submitted blank forms with no details, while some have submitted false information. We were unable to access their accounts, so they were not paid. If you fall down here, you can apply every Friday for the right details.
  3. Some people had up to N4000, but with several comments in their activities. So, after subtracting money for duplicate comments, they did not have back to N4000 and were not paid.
  4. Some people made sponsored revenue without sharing our mail, we canceled their sponsored revenue, and their credit was no higher than N4000 and they were not paid.
  5. Anyone who has submitted invalid bank details should call our business lines tomorrow to receive the payment.
  6. We encourage everyone to obey the Wakanda rules of commentary. It makes no sense to earn merit that you can never pay. How can someone have N97,000 as sponsored revenue within a month? Even the devil fears you ooh!
  7. The primary job of Wakanda Admins is to make sure that this platform is sustainable and we can not achieve that when we start paying fraudulent revenue. The painful thing here is that nobody accepts that he made double comments. Everyone claims innocent, but the system has an incorruptible record of all your activities and it's open to everyone.
  8. If you have problems with this payout, call our office tomorrow. Do not use the Comments section for complaints, they will be blacklisted if you do so.
  9. We encourage all affiliate members to join the VIP package to make it easier!

great Wakandians

S / N

Names of members

amount payed



1. Sunday Adeniyi 70,000 VIP UBA
Second Haruna Aliyu M 64,000 VIP Zenith Bank
Third Babajid Johnson 52,000 VIP diamond
4th Ajelara Ajoke 50,000 VIP zenith
5th Babatunde Ayo 71,000 VIP UBA
6th Mbadiwe Stephen 55,000 VIP GTBank
7th Mustapha Muhammed 65,000 VIP First Bank
8th. Ogechi Njoku 54,000 VIP FCMB
9th Adeyeye Yoms 51,000 VIP FCMB
10th Ekene Nwadike 66,000 VIP Zenith Bank
11th Idowu Linda 56,000 VIP diamond
12th Adeola Adedapo 70,000 VIP UBA
13th Obinwa Okechukwu 70,000 VIP Eco-Bank
14th Ada Adimma Nnana 53,000 VIP Union Bank
fifteen. Kelvin Okaka 58,000 VIP loyalty
16th Ajadi Abayomi 55,000 VIP FCMB
17th Toyosi Idowu 70,000 VIP diamond
18th Alfred Ugonna 66,000 VIP Skye Bank
19th Oyewale Simeon Wole 63,000 VIP Eco-Bank
20th Moris Okunu 55,000 VIP GTBank
21st Tayo Bukola 60,000 VIP zenith
22nd Agada Agnes 57,000 VIP Access to the bank
23rd Yusuf Bala M. 61,000 VIP Access to the bank
24th Gbemisola Ademola 69,000 VIP Eco-Bank
25th Aunumka Benard 62,000 VIP First Bank
26th Mbabayu Onwuka 71,000 VIP First Bank
27th Ifeanyi ibe c 54,000 Affiliate First Bank
28th Okoli Blessed O. 54,000 Affiliate GTB
29th Nwobu Joyce 39,000 VIP GTB
30th Afees adepoju 39,000 VIP GTB
31st OKoli Izuchukwu Uzoma 32,000 Affiliate UBA
32nd Veronica Oye 30,000 Affiliate First Bank
33rd Idiga Virginia Ebere 24000 VIP UBA
34th Tijani sakiru adekilekun 16000 Affiliate First Bank
35th Oladunmomi Timothy 11000 Affiliate Gtb
36th Ogbu Ezinna okeowata 11,000 Affiliate First Bank
37th Whales Yetunde 42,000 Affiliate GTBank
38th Jide Omarah 33,000 Affiliate FCMB
39th Kehinde Funmilayo 20,000 Affiliate UBA
40th Bunmi Taiwo 17,000 Affiliate ACCESS
41st Salomon Agha 10,000 Affiliate access
42nd Donald Awutu 47,000 Affiliate UBA
43rd Akuche Mouren 55,000 Affiliate UBA
44th Kunle Adedayo 9000 Affiliate GTBank
45th Mathew Belinda 14,000 Affiliate Eco-Bank
46th SAFIYANU Yacuba 14,000 Affiliate First Bank
47th Ejike Nnamdi Nweze 29,000 Affiliate First Bank
48th Abiola Abioye 44,000 Affiliate zenith
49th Nkemakolam Anayo 31,000 Affiliate First Bank
50th Osaka James J 39,000 Affiliate GTBank
51st Abidugun Taiwo 8000 Affiliate GTBank
52nd Samson Attah 25,000 Affiliate Union Bank
53rd Amuma Okarie 12,000 Affiliate FCMB
54th Musa Rashidat 50,000 Affiliate loyalty
55th Okuna Iwu Hannah 7000 Affiliate loyalty
56th Abayomrunkoje Abeo 11,000 Affiliate unit banking
57th Benard Baji 22,000 Affiliate Union Bank
58th Garuba Salim 45,000 Affiliate First Bank
59th Amos Monday C 15,000 Affiliate First Bank
60th Omaka Titus 7000 Affiliate Eco-Bank
61st Theresa Tunko 30,000 Affiliate UBA
62nd Atah Thomas 13,000 Affiliate diamond
63rd Patience Prima Olaka 17,000 Affiliate FCMB
64th Peter O Ubah 21,000 Affiliate zenith
65th ASHAOLU Shadrach 39,000 Affiliate diamond
66th Alim Alim 55,000 Affiliate diamond
67th Oko Anurika 15,000 Affiliate GTBank
68th Adeleye Ajala 44,000 Affiliate UBA
69th Bamgbopa Ade Moses 51,000 Affiliate First Bank
70th Tunde Akin 33,000 Affiliate Union Bank
71st Fredrick Anamatu 20,000 Affiliate GTBank
72nd Hakeem Walter 24,000 Affiliate Eco-Bank
73rd Amuchechukwu Obianuju 17,000 Affiliate loyalty
74th Chris Mbu 40,000 Affiliate loyalty
75th Abimbola Adeola 32,000 Affiliate Eco-Bank
76th Humphry Chidoka 56,000 Affiliate Eco-Bank
77th Richard Saleem 32,000 Affiliate UBA
78th Ituabiku James 13,000 Affiliate zenith
79th Ekeke Jonathan 47,000 Affiliate loyalty
80th Kaleb Orohu 9000 Affiliate First Bank
81st Blessing Abbah 20,000 Affiliate Union Bank
82nd Ugochukwu Agu 36,000 Affiliate access
83rd Hashim Yussuf Amao 5000 Affiliate GTB
84th Muideen Mohammed Jimoh 4000 Affiliate Access to the bank
85th Abraham oluwaseun juwon 4000 Affiliate UBA
86th Nwakpa Victoria Amoge 17000 Affiliate UBA
87th Preye Ezekiel Appah 4000 Affiliate GT Bank
88th Durodola Abdulahi Bolaji 4000 Affiliate GTBank

Matthew chi gozie okoh



diamond Bank
90th Ikporo Peter O 28,000 Affiliate INVALID BANK DETAILS
91st Benjamin Enemona James 4000 Affiliate Zenith Bank
92nd Egesi Ndubuisi's success 4000 Affiliate Access to the bank
93rd Mbam Jerome Ogobuchi 12,000 Affiliate UBA
94th Oluwafemi Oluwatobiloba Elijah 6500 Affiliate UBA
95th Amoses oluwadamilola fumilayo 4000 Affiliate access Bank
96th Darlington Eromosele 6000 Affiliate FCMB BANK
97th Yusuf Olanrewaju Abdulsamad 4000 Affiliate Gt bank
98th Adeleke Samuel Ilesanmi 6000 Affiliate Skye Bank
99th Omopariola Oluwatosin Kayode 4000 Affiliate Access to the bank
100th Owoeye toluwalase Emmanuel 4000 Affiliate Gtb
One hundred and first Momoh Iighodalo Emmanuel 4000 Affiliate diamond
102nd AGU IFEANYICHUKWU KINGSLEY 4000 Affiliate First Bank
103rd Yuronun Bassey Atteh 4000 Affiliate First Bank
104th Jerome Ogobuchi 11000 Affiliate UBA
105th Adeyeye David Inioluwa 4000 Affiliate First Bank
106th Bello Emmanuel SO 10,000 Affiliate First Bank



108th Kelly Nwabundo 31,000 Affiliate INVALID BANK DETAILS
109th Adesuyi Adebanjo Michael 4000 Affiliate First Bank
110th GANIU ADENIYI ODUMOSU 6000 Affiliate Access to the bank
111th Chidieber Chukwuma Somtochukwu 4000 Affiliate First Bank
112th David uzoke oselebe 4000 Affiliate First Bank
113th Ewulu Chukwunonso Onyedinma 5000 Affiliate GTB
114th Remigus favor Chisom 4000 Affiliate GTB
115th Abimbola Oladayo 5000 Affiliate zenith
116th Williams Michael Ololade 5000 Affiliate INVALID BANK DETAILS
117th EMEKA MBAM 5000 Affiliate Skye Bank
118th Adetifa Paul Oluwalana 5000 Affiliate UBA
119th Ojiakor Kelvin Ebuka 4000 Affiliate ECO Bank
120th OLAJIDE DAVID 5000 Affiliate First Bank
121st Unaji Maryjane Chika 4000 Affiliate diamond
122nd Balogun Taiwo James 4000 Affiliate First Bank
124th Mbatumukeke Ataiyung Patrick 5000 Affiliate First Bank
126th Iroh chizoba fustian 4000 Affiliate First Bank
128th Chika John Dibia 4000 VIP INVALID BANK DETAILS
129th Okposio Victor 5000 Affiliate First Bank
130th Popoola Imoleayo 5000 Affiliate UBA
131st modawa hussenah omokehinde 5000 Affiliate GTB
132nd Florence Tochi Nwafor 5000 Affiliate First Bank
133rd Salami Tunde Opeyemi 4000 Affiliate First Bank
134th David N Ugwuegbu 5000 Affiliate diamond Bank
135th Abioye Kehinde Oladunmoye 4000 Affiliate loyalty
136th Alaye Adeyemi Solomon 5000 Affiliate GTB
137th James Chinonso James 5000 Affiliate FCMB
138th Friday orobosa Clifford 4000 Affiliate ACCESS
139th Onyeonagu Chukwuma Moses 4000 Affiliate First Bank
140th Madukwe Ukwuoma 18000 Affiliate First Bank
141st Ejimbe Chinonso Mark 4000 Affiliate UBA
142nd Aka Tina Echerenam 6500 Affiliate First Bank
144th Abayomi opeyemi 6000 Affiliate Zenith Bank
145th Nwankwo Peter .A. 4000 Affiliate diamond
146th Ewobode Emmanuel Mayowa 5000 Affiliate Gt bank
147th David Isaac Tommy 4000 Affiliate First Bank
148th Adeosun Lukman Olamide 4000 Affiliate Gt bank
149th Eguanimkwu Gideon Nduka 6000 Affiliate Skye Bank
150th Okoli Justina Egoamaka 4000 Affiliate First Bank
151st Olawuyi Jamaldeen Olamide 4000 Affiliate UBA
152nd Awobode Enoch Ayodeji 5000 Affiliate GTB
153rd Akwu Martha 5000 VIP UBA
154th Ali Edwin Adoga 4500 Affiliate GTB
155th Ihebom Chukwunyere Joshua 4000 Affiliate GTB
156th Aadeloye Raymond Oluwafemi 9000 Affiliate loyalty
157th Adewumi Timothy Tolulope 4000 Affiliate UBA
158th Abaraonye Nneka Goodluck 4000 Affiliate UBA
159th Awoniyi Ifeoluwa Oluwatosin 5000 Affiliate GTB
160th Ikuemenisan Ayoola 5000 Affiliate First Bank
161st Diala Francisca Oluchi 4000 Affiliate diamond
162nd Uchenna Chukwuemeka Osefoh 5000 Affiliate First Bank
163rd Oka, Mary Rose Chinyere 4000 Affiliate First Bank
164th Sulaimon Idris Alabi 4000 Affiliate GTB
165th Nwanma love nkechi 4000 Affiliate ECO Bank
166th Oladokun Helen Oluwatayo 5000 Affiliate GTB
167th Emeduo Stanley Uchechukwu 5000 Affiliate loyalty
168th Okoye Kevin Chibouyim 5000 Affiliate UBA
169th Igbave cyprain aondoaseer 4000 Affiliate zenith
170th atolagbe abdulazeez olavale 10,000 Affiliate UBA
171st Nwankwo George Chidera 4000 Affiliate ECO Bank
172nd Abubakre muritadha akintayo 4000 Affiliate First Bank
173rd Ekugbo Arthur C. 5000 Affiliate diamond
174th Kalu Ukiwo Rooberts 4000 Affiliate First Bank
175th Aduewa temidayo Michael 5000 Affiliate UBA
176th Nwarungwa Marvelous Chibuzor 4000 Affiliate Cracked by the bank.
177th Ibrahim AbdulQudus Oluwadamilare 5000 Affiliate GTB
178th Omoyajowo Daniel Abayomi 4000 Affiliate First Bank
180th Emmanuel Babajide Adeyemi 8000 Affiliate GTB
181st Mibiola olaniyo fisayo 4000 Affiliate First Bank
182nd OSIBEMHE ELEKT 4000 Affiliate First Bank
183rd Onyechi obiageli doris 4000 Affiliate UBA
184th Olajide kolade Joshua 5000 Affiliate sterling
185th Abdulwahab Dosunmu Olatunji 8000 Affiliate GTB
186th Okereke Godsent. e 8000 Affiliate UBA
187th Emmanuel Omini Uket 6000 Affiliate Cracked by the bank.

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