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With every day, thousands of Jamb applicants bombard the Internet with questions about the Jamb application.

Most questions are focused on when registration form would be published. Very few research the steps before the application finally starts.

As a result, thousands of candidates or university aspirants make stupid mistakes every year.

These mistakes range from choosing the wrong course to selecting the wrong one School of choice, Avoid these similarities Post registration error by all means.

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In this article I will quickly do the 5 most important things while you wait, or before you apply for Jamb. This will help you to avoid mistakes and increase your UTME value.

Before registering, some things need to be set. Make sure you are ready for Jamb and start preparing for Jamb registration if necessary.

You should be sure of your combination of waec and jamb. Creation of the Jamb profile It is also a first step after you are sure to choose Jamb. Continue reading for more details ….

1. Be sure that you want to apply for Jamb

Are you writing posts out of conviction or are you forced to do so? Be sure that you are confident before you apply.

If you are not convinced, you can not prepare well for the Jamb investigation. And if you are not prepared for the exam, a low Jamb score may fall on you.

Well, decide that you either pass by or pass by. The Reason many students fail Jamb is that they never completely decide.

2. Choose your course

This is another important thing before the Jamb application.

Action needs passion or sanctioned. Your motivation gives you drive.

Many people choose a course because they are paying high or because they see their friends studying the course. Many choose course in Jamb registration based on parental factors and prestige. Choose your Jamb study carefully.

Guide to choosing the preferred course in the Jamb Registry

  • Your passion for the course
  • Relevance of the course to the economy
  • The course should be versatile or extensive
  • It should be a hot cake course.

After choosing a degree program, you will know the subjects required to study the course. click here to see the complete Jamb fan combination for all courses in Nigeria.

3. Choose your school

You'll hear names from schools like Unilag, Uniben, Ui, Uniport, Lasu, Unilorin, Abu Zary, Auchi Poly, Laspotech and other major universities / polytechnics and you want to fill them out as your preferred institution of study. It's a nice decision. But is it only because of the name? There are other factors to consider …

Guide to choosing your institution of study

  • The course content of the university
  • The reputation of the university
  • Graduate employment rate
  • The general ranking of the institution
  • The quality of the facilities in the university.

4. Learn to avoid stupid mistakes in post registration

Prison applicants expressly seek to make certain mistakes that ruin their admission. Some of the mistakes you need to avoid are listed below:

  • Ask someone to register on your behalf
  • Carefully fill out the registration form
  • Error in date of birth
  • Choose the wrong institution
  • Do not spell your name correctly
  • Specify a wrong Local Government Origin (LGA)
  • Wrong course of study.
  • Stupid mistakes in the Jamb profile.

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5. Prepare for your post exam early

Study period is still very far, that is the language of the Zauderer. You have to understand that time is Flash. Early preparation is the key.

Below are items that will help you prepare for the post and increase your performance.

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