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"I am the first of two children born into a religious family, I have a younger brother, my father was in the military and my mother is a retired nurse.

My dad was a diplomat and that gave us the opportunity to travel around the world. At various times I lived in the US, France, UK and other countries in Europe. I have great memories of my life as a child, but I have more memorable experiences as an adult. I had a basic education and our parents were very protective of us.


For my elementary education, I attended the elementary school of the Nigerian Navy, Apapa, Lagos State. I went to La Folie St. James, Paris, France, for my secondary education. I received access to Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State as a medical student, but later received direct entry into Bells University, Ota, Ogun State, where I earned a second degree in microbiology.


I came to the film industry when I came to Lagos from Abuja in 2017 and enrolled at the Royal Arts Academy. While I was at school, I played in my first film titled The Backup Wife by Uduak Isong, where I played with Seun Akindele and Bimbo Ademoye.

Big brother Naija
I auditioned for the previous issue of the reality show in Abuja, but I did not get in. After film school, I decided to do it again; this time in Lagos. I remember the night I was called; I was actually looking for a flat. I had just finished film school and was not sure if I wanted to return to Abuja. Although I was a bit nervous, I was still very excited. I did not think I could be called, especially because I was very different in auditioning from other candidates. When I came in the house, I was homesick for a few days but due to my adaptability I was able to get through. Unfortunately, when there were tensions in the house, it somehow bore me off. I did not enjoy the negativity that went around. When I was thrown out, it felt like fresh air.

The reaction of the parents

My parents did not help me get into the house, but I did the exercise for myself and over time they got that. Of course they were not thrilled that their child was on a reality TV show, but as an adult lady responsible for their own choices, they had to respect that.


The only challenge I've had since leaving the house has been to try to balance my new reality, though nothing has really changed. The rush is the same, but there is only one bigger platform that has made me to be recognized and seen by more people.


Fame has grounded me more, because there is the likelihood of being carried away by it, if one is not careful. I like to praise myself as a planner and dreamer; an ambitious person. Before Film School and Big Brother, I had decided to achieve my goals, and BBN was a means to an end. I would not say that fame surprised me; I wanted to be picked up.

Other interests

Big Brother is in the past, but I'm still acting. I am also an entrepreneur. I own the Bam Beauty product line. I am working on a partnership because money has to be earned and it would be nice to stay relevant for a long time. Although acting is my first love, I can not rely on it alone. Fortunately, when I run my own business, I can not yield to stupid demands in the industry. Among other things, I am seen as a style and brand influencer.

role models

Some of my role models are Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa and Mo Abudu. Jesus Christ is also a great mentor because He has done good all his life and it is my desire to be a blessing like Him.


I like movies and traveling. I also love to have great conversations, and interestingly, I love to spend time with puppies. I also like to paint and sing. Of course, you can not take away the joy of spending time with loved ones. After all, I love to learn new things.


I am a creative and expressive person, so I see fashion as an extension of myself. What I wear determines my mood at every moment. I am generally attracted to comfortable and smart outfits. Sometimes, when in the mood for it, I could choose to go into dramatic outfits, as I wore at the AMVCA 2018.

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