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For objective reasons, according to the current regulations, the officer’s family does not live long in one place. Vladimir Georgievich Migulya was born in the hero-city of Stalingrad. The boy was born in August 1945. Father – a military pilot, a front-line soldier. Mother – Lieutenant Medical Service. Husband and wife met and became close in battle. Already in peacetime, they had to regularly move from one garrison to another. The growing up child managed to live in Poland and the German Democratic Republic, in the Urals and in the Caucasus. When he turned 17 years old, his parents decided to leave.

Vladimir together with his mother moved to Volgograd, to an apartment with his grandparents. In this city, he received a certificate of maturity and became a student at a local medical institute. In fact, he did not feel any desire for medicine. I just did not want to upset my mother once again. Young Migulya dreamed of making music. Already in his second year, he creates the group “Allegro” and writes music for the texts he likes. Such work gives him great pleasure. And a year later he enters the music school to get an appropriate education.

It is not easy to imagine how Vladimir lives at this time – he is studying at a medical institute and a music college at the same time. Yes, he still manages to compose melodies for his ensemble. Where does inspiration, ideas and strength come from? The answer can be one – a person is driven by love for his work. In 1968, Migulya received two diplomas and immediately went to Leningrad to continue his studies at the conservatory. Fate favors him, and a talented musician falls into the class of a well-known Soviet composer Sergei Slonimsky.

Creative biography of Vladimir Miguli slowly but surely. The audience greeted each of his songs with delight. It should be noted that he was attracted by the career not only of the composer, but also of the singer. Studying at the conservatory, he took vocal lessons from renowned teachers. The composer’s creative repertoire is expanding. He writes music for the movie. And even starred in a film called "In the Land of a Forgotten Fairy Tale." Successfully develop cooperation with theater directors. The musical for children with a sold-out written by the composer was staged in Lviv and Riga.

And everything would be fine, but Vladimir Georgievich’s personal life did not develop for a long time. It is no secret that the home environment is very important for a musician and a poet. Sometimes you want so much warmth and understanding. Especially in the period of creative stagnation. For 30 years the composer formed a family nest. But not for long. Five years later, his wife took the daughter and went to America. The second attempt was also unsuccessful. A young wife, not getting what she wanted, quickly went to another. For the next family union, Migulya prepared for a long time and thoroughly. He chose a woman named Marina, who was married.

At this time, the family hearth has developed in all respects. Marina already had a daughter. And soon another girl appeared in the house. From the height of the past years, one can only regret that for a talented and kind person, family happiness did not last long. Vladimir was seriously ill, and modern medicine could not help him.

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