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She said, "My days in the industry were lovely, there was so much love, there was so much hard work, people wanted to act to trade, they did not want to trade for money, we were competing with those who were on the market Who was the saddest character and such things, unlike now when it comes to unnecessary competition like cars and houses, at the time it was just innocent and real competition, it was not for the glory but for integrity.

"The truth is, these days it's an embarrassment to be called an actress, you want to be called something else because there's no respect for that name, and sometimes I can not wait to qualify as a psychologist for you If you think of Victoria Inyama, you will appear in a different light.Those in the industry are now doing a lot of things that should not be done in 2018. It is not just a special thing that they should stop; Some of the story, the artists and the costumes are just weird and out of place, and once I see certain names in the production, I do not even bother about them.

Inyama, speaking with Saturday Beats from her UK base, also talked about how she survived cancer after moving to the UK; They share some of the lessons learned from their ordeal and how they were able to get back on their feet and stay healthy after surgery.

"I quickly relapsed after surviving cancer because we have the medical facilities here and there is proper aftercare and treatment, so it was up to me to live the right lifestyle in terms of food intake and ease – the whole process in which I survived cancer, Humility taught me and also appreciate life more.

"It started when I was in Nigeria, I had a lot of pain on the left side of my head, I went to remarkable hospitals and they always said I had migraines, they gave me medicines for migraines, none of the hospitals took care of a proper one MRI scan or similar, but when I got married and I had to move, it got worse and I needed to be checked, they found out I had cancer in my head, that was in 2005. The doctors started treatment almost immediately. I got married in 2003 and moved in 2004. When they noticed, I was just pregnant with my first child, and when I got pregnant, the pain subsided, "she said.

She gave details of her ordeal.

"I had to undergo emergency surgery in 2006, waiting for the place to heal, and by February 2007, growth actually blocked somewhere around my left eye, and I nearly went blind, the doctors said they needed to get rid of the growth in my head, obviously What they brought out of my mind they cultivated and they had to call me back and told me it was a cancer cell, they recommended chemo and radiation therapy, "she added.

The actress, who is currently conducting psychosocial studies in the UK, recently had a dispute with the Zone 2 Police PRO, Badmus Dolapo, over her advice for women because of the negative side of being a baby mummy.

When she talked about why she shared her opinion about Police PRO's advice, Inyama said she needed to talk to her about her job as an image-maker.

"When you know what society is about, sometimes when it's a social problem and you feel you have some background on a subject, you try to break it down, and most of the time I read What this lady writes, and I always think that this is someone with authority, someone who has an office and the office is supposed to have a big impact, I also read about this SARS group and the nonsense they do Police have never been our friends and that's why they've been crying for years that the police are your friend, the police are even trying to change their image and they're putting someone as their image maker, and the least an image maker should do is get up Focusing on personal, petty things, and when she gets the opportunity to do her job, she breaks away from her, and I personally read when people write to her, how SARS bothers people, and I have her answer and told people not to attach anything about SARS, and I thought what it was for.

"I took the time to read everything the lady wrote on her page that day, and I felt really bad because I first saw a young innocent girl and a little boy who did not really know what they were doing and she took someone's private pain and used it to present herself as a better person.If you want to come out and advise certain people, you must be careful not to generalize.

"Most of these young girls who went out to get pregnant and have a baby did not mean to be a baby mom, they just had unprotected s # x and it happened. It's not in their office to do If she cares for young people, as she claims, she should teach them behaviors and social skills, keep them busy so that pregnancy is the last thing they think about, that's their mentoring role, not getting out and all to deter, "she said.

She further revealed that nothing the PRO said to her made her feel bad.

"I did not go to her side because I know my limits, I dropped my comment on her post on the blog I saw the story of, coming up to me and writing something about me, thinking it would I hurt her, I told her how she could be good at her job and the only thing she could tell me was that I'm old and to go to other actresses and that I have a bitter marriage, but me I just ignored her, I'm sure she asked why my marriage failed and they told her that it had nothing to do with anything I did, it was just that the guy was violent and we had a lot of domestic violence issues until the police force department had to come and move me and my kids, so it was not like there was anything terrible.
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