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Fate brought me to the capital of the country near abroad. On the way from the airport to the center I had to observe an interesting picture. The taxi driver, having bent his left knee, put it on the seat, and turned the body to the right, so that it was convenient to talk to me. The automatic gearbox allowed the driver not only to use only one leg while driving, but also freed the other hand, with which he actively absorbed sunflower seeds.

This local flavor made me think, and how to still sit correctly, to be ready for all the unexpected situations that often arise on the road.

Confidence in oneself, in a car, in the event that in case of an error the insurance company will bear the costs of paying compensation to the injured party, will be a good help for a proper fit. Therefore, if it comes to insurance, cheap OSAGO in Magnitogorsk can be issued through the site CTP online already loved by a large number of car enthusiasts because of its convenience and price. We also recommend that you take a step towards meeting modern technologies.

Proper fit is a pledge of ability to react quickly to changes in road conditions. Therefore, you need to adjust the seat and its back so that the hands on the steering wheel are slightly bent. Otherwise, if you need to make a sharp maneuver, such as driving around an obstacle or avoiding a collision, straight arms will not allow you to do this with the proper speed and amplitude.

After adjusting the seat back, adjust the distance of the seat from the pedals. Your legs should be bent at the knees and you should be able to fully squeeze the clutch and brake pedals.

Also dangerous is the landing of the “newcomer,” when you sit, leaning your body forward, almost touching the steering wheel with your chest, explaining that the road is better visible. The danger is that a crashed airbag can cause serious injuries and even death. Therefore, the back should be straight. In this case, in the event of a collision, the safety belt will keep the body in place, allowing the airbag to open without striking the driver.

It is also advisable to adjust the head restraint so that it rests against your head. This will not allow your head to tip over sharply at the back stroke and, as a result, will help to avoid a fracture of the cervical vertebrae.

Before you go! Share this content on any social media platform

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