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In 2012, we introduced the first details of a sports car that combines a retro look with modern mechanics developed by Huet Brothers.

Called the Huet brothers coupeThe car was designed around the powertrain of the Mazda MX-5 Miata and has its own lightweight carbon fiber monocoque structure and bodywork that helps it tip the scales at less than 1,800 pounds. The strongest version is planned with 248 hp, so you can imagine how much fun it will be.

The design was approved, but Huet Brothers needs a final round of financing to get the first prototype on the road for testing. That's why it is launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can help get the wheels moving. The goal is to reach just under $ 115,000, and at the time of writing, the company is already at $ 60,000, and nearly a month is still in the campaign.

Unlike many Kickstarter campaigns where you simply donate money, Huet Brothers offers a really cool Swiss watch that will be sent to you when you pledge a certain amount.

The watch is called Huet Brothers Benefactor Chronograph, and you can get one by pledging at least $ 295 (about $ 340). This is not a bad deal, considering that the watch, available in the Classic and Sport versions, is a limited edition, waterproof up to 100 meters and with a 10-year warranty. Pledge 565 euros (about $ 650) and you will get two of them. If the campaign manages to raise $ 4.6 million, the company will deliver one of the lucky buyers of one of the first copies of the HB Coupe for free.

If you are unfamiliar with the Huet Brothers, it is a company founded by the brothers Paul and Tino Huet in the Netherlands. They turned their passion for old cars into a business that restored vintage vintage cars from some of the leading European brands in 1998. The desire to build their own car always burned and in 2007 they finally reached the finish with the Huet brothers special, They also financed the development of this car with a Swiss watch.

But the HB Special was built to mimic the racing cars of the 1950s, proving to be a bit too hardcore for some. That's why Huet Brothers has developed a more comfortable car with the comfort and modern features of a daily driver for its successor.

Huet Brothers accepts pre-orders for the HB Coupe. 13 orders have already been received from customers in the US and Canada. Another 14 orders came from Europe, but the company says another 26 orders from Europe will be needed to begin production.

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