Putin: we are smart people, they "reacted with understanding" to the pension reform

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Smart people live in Russia, so they “reacted with understanding” to raising the retirement age. This was told by Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 18 at a meeting of the International Valdai Club.

After the traditional remark that pension reform is a “painful but forced” measure, the president praised the Russian people: “Do you know what the phenomenon of Russia is? We have smart people. I don’t like it, but a normal person understands that the state is forced to do it. And if you don’t do it today, as I said, you’ll still have to do tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. ”

Putin noted that he understands everyone who is unhappy with the pension reform. But, according to the president, “most people understand that this is inevitable. Nothing to rejoice, but there is an understanding. And this is the most important thing. This is the key thing. ”

Also, the Russian leader believes that the people of Russia trust the government of the country and him personally. “It is important that people trust what the government is doing, what the government is doing. It seems to me that this thread is not lost. This is a major factor in domestic politics. ”

Editorial comment

Let us leave the question of the “phenomenon of Russia” to the president’s court. The phenomenon of the modern Russian government is that by nurturing Western values, it is like pearls about “rating fluctuations” leveling absolutely everything related to democracy. In the course of pushing through the pension reform, the results of such research methods as social surveys of citizens were annulled. Fully ignored protests among public figures and the analytical community. People are told “openly” that their opinion does not matter, because all it demonstrates is temporary and irrelevant “fluctuations in ratings”, which, if the president believes, knows how to translate from plus to minus and vice versa.

The rhetoric of the country's leader breathes the usual, like air, for the post-Soviet generations, the dictatorship of minorities, broadcasting to us that the people are not a historical community of people, having the right to self-determination and choice (including those who run the state). The people, this is a limp social amoeba that always reacts equally positively to certain influences, such as the return of the Crimea, and negatively reacts to others, like the “inevitable” pension reform. And it’s scary to imagine how Russia, not deprived of the ability to reflect, can respond to such glaring cynicism.


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