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Nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation, shortness of breath and anxiety are signs that the dog is swaying in the car. If there is such a problem, then the trip can be painful for both the pet and its owner. Preparing for the trip will allow you to cope with the problem and make the trip more comfortable.

1. Feed the dog before driving

Some dog owners, knowing that their pet is swaying, try not to feed him half a day before departure. However, this approach may aggravate the situation and lead to the fact that the dog will vomit more often and white foam, which negatively affects the health. It will be optimal, adhering to a normal diet, to feed to the pet a small part of the portion. In this case, the dog's stomach will not be overfilled, and the trip will be more easily tolerated.

2. The use of drugs for motion sickness for dogs

If during the trip the dog is sick, then it is recommended to give him 30-60 minutes before the departure of a means for motion sickness that can be used by children. Such means include "Dramina", "Aviamore", etc. If the pet just runs drool, rapid breathing and anxiety, then it will be enough just to give him a sedative, intended for dogs.

3. Preparing the car for the trip

When preparing a car for a trip with a pet that is swaying, it is necessary to make sure that there are no sharp odors in the cabin that provoke nausea. An air freshener, gasoline, tobacco smoke, or the scent of a bunch of flowers in the back seat — something that may seem insignificant or pleasant to people, causes nausea and vomiting in a dog.

In order not to stain the seats, it is necessary to lay out a disposable diaper, towel or blanket, and take spare ones with you.

4. The process of travel with the dog

During the trip, you must adhere to a moderate driving style, try not to pick up high speed and not to slow down very sharply. It is necessary to refrain from loud music or radio. If the pet is very worried and rushing around the cabin, trying to find a place for itself, or whimpers, then you need to calm him down by stroking his head, or by talking to him in a calm voice. In no case can not be scolded, shouting or tugging, trying to sit in the "right place". The dog is hard and it needs the support of the owner.

Some pets try to look out the window during the trip. Thus, they are trying to cope with motion sickness, so do not disturb them.

5. Breaks

Every 3-4 hours it is recommended to stop and walk with the dog. The duration of such breaks must be at least 15 minutes. This time should be enough to walk, feed (if necessary) and water the dog, give her a medicine for motion sickness or a sedative.

6. Training

The main cause of motion sickness is a weak vestibular apparatus. Therefore, most often this problem occurs in dogs up to a year and in representatives of small breeds. Training trips over short distances will cope with the problem of motion sickness. It is best to start with trips with pets to places of interest to them: to the forest, to the river, to the lake, to a picnic. Then the dog will associate the car with something pleasant. Then the distances can be gradually increased, thereby training the vestibular apparatus.

Personal experience

The dog is 4 years old, the breed is Chihuahua. We learned about the problem of motion sickness on the first day: on the way from the breeder to the house (about 40 minutes drive), he vomited 2 times. In the future, each trip turned into a real hell: he drooled in a stream, terribly vomiting and constantly vomiting. It was decided to train him. First, with the use of pills for motion sickness, they began to go for a walk 2-3 times a week in the woods or on the river. Then they began to go to the neighboring cities, gradually refusing to take pills for motion sickness. Now the dog quietly transfers trips over long distances and can travel over 1000 km.

If suddenly it turned out that the dog is swaying, you should not put an end to joint trips. Compliance with simple rules and training will minimize this problem or get rid of it altogether.

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