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If you chew on your pen or pencil while reading this, you may want to stop immediately, as this can cause problems for your teeth. Here are six other things that are bad for your teeth.

Causal pencils and pens

It is a nervous habit that you have to skip for your oral health. Caustics can cause stress fractures on the teeth.

Instead, you can push a stress ball in stressful situations or eat a healthy snack like almonds to keep you busy.

Use your teeth to rip things up

It is tempting to use your teeth to nibble your nails, tear off price tags from clothing, or open a bag of chips, but you risk your teeth. You can even break your teeth while doing so. Instead, use nail clippers and scissors for all these tasks.

Chewing on ice

There are a number of habits that dentists want you to change when it comes to taking care of your teeth. This includes chewing ice, which can flake off on fragile enamel.

In addition, it can scratch teeth that are already weakened by the restoration. Instead of chewing ice cubes, ask for crushed ice if it's a habit you just can not give up. You also know that a broken tooth can lead to an exposed tooth nerve that could even lead to a root canal.

Putting your teeth through hot and cold foods

There is something in combining a hot cake with a cold drink, be it a soft drink or a beer. It may seem like a good idea, but it can also set your teeth up for annoyance as the hot temperature dilates your enamel and contracts the cold temperature.

Eating hot and then cold foods will not damage teeth per se, but many people will notice exaggerated sensitivity with such a combination.

Keep in mind that shooting or sharp pain while eating or drinking is a sign of a much bigger problem, such as a broken tooth or advanced decay. Maybe you want to fry your hot food to cool it down first and take your cold drink alongside.

Take certain drinks

Certain drinks tend to stick to the teeth and erode enamel, and this list includes sports drinks, soft drinks, and wine. In fact, wine testers are known to have incredibly eroded teeth because of the high acidity in the wine.

The solution might be to combine your wine with cheese to minimize the damage caused by the acidity of the wine.

Whole white

Over-bleaching and over-whitening with over-the-counter kits can eventually damage your teeth. This can lead to tooth enamel loss and thus to permanent tooth sensitivity.

To avoid this, always test the product first and then, if it does not cause any sensitivity, follow the instructions exactly as described. You can skip the product altogether if you are unsure and use natural brighteners such as cauliflower and strawberries.

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