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The well-known domestic actor of theater and cinema – Andrei Zibrov – in addition to the outstanding results of his creative work, marked by many theater productions and more than fifty cinematographic works, is currently notorious for the tragic event at the end of April 2010. Then two hooligans attacked Anna Zibrova (the wife of the actor), and shot Andrei from a traumatic pistol, hitting him in the eye, which he subsequently lost. Today, his work has not suffered from this, because a quality prosthesis only gave the image of the actor even more masculinity.

July 5, 1973 in the city on the Neva appeared future domestic artist. The family of the soldier (father – captain II rank, submariner, mother – accountant, younger sister Elena) because of the profession of the head of the family had to live for a long time on Kildin Island, located in the Barents Sea. Interestingly, in the middle school class, where Zibrov Jr. studied, there were only three students. It was this factor that became decisive for Andrei’s very high-quality education, because heightened attention from teachers and even mother simply excluded a different outcome.

And when, after a decade of seclusion on the island, the family returned to their native Leningrad, Andrei had to try very hard to adapt to the conditions of the big city. For this, he, among other things, began to attend a circle of youthful creativity, where, after staging "451 degrees Fahrenheit", he understood about his acting destiny.

After graduating from high school, Andrei Zibrov in 1991 from the second attempt enters LGITMiK and becomes a first-year student at the mentor Veniamin Filshtinsky. While studying at the university with Mikhail Porechenkov, Konstantin Khabensky and Mikhail Trukhin, they organize a separate troupe, where talented novice actors already quite loudly declared themselves, receiving enthusiastic reviews from the public and critics.

In 1996, Zibrov graduated from the Theater Academy and was called up for military service in the Navy. After returning from there, on the recommendation of his former institute comrades, he joined the troupe of the Lensovet Theater, where theatergoers could enjoy his talent for reincarnation in the performances: Vladimirskaya Square, King, Queen, Jack, Brother Rabbit in the Wild West, Invitation to the castle "and others.

In the cinema, Andrei Yuryevich Zibrov made his debut in 1998, starring in the film “Bitterly!”, And a year later in the film “Female Property”. However, the first popularity of the beginning actor came only at the beginning of “zero”, when he appeared on the screens in the series “The agent of national security” (2000-2004) and the comedy “Peculiarities of the national hunting in the winter period” (2000). And after that, his filmography began to grow steadily with successful film works: “The streets of broken lanterns. Cops-4 "(2001)," Deadly Force – 4 "(2002)," Saboteur "(2004)," Two of the casket "(2006)," Crime and Punishment "(2007)," Away from the war "( 2009), “Death of Wazir-Mukhtar. Love and Life of Griboedov ”(2010),“ White Guard ”(2012),“ Kuprin. Duel "(2014)," Trotsky "(2017).

After the tragedy of the actor, associated with the loss of his eyes in 2010, he has already participated in the filming of more than twenty-five film projects. The latest film works by Andrei Yurevich include “Chef. The Rise Game and the Streets of Broken Lanterns. Cops-16 ".

Behind the family life of Andrei Zibrov, there are currently two marriages. In the first family union with fellow student of the university Veronika Dmitrieva, which did not last long, the couple had no children.

The second time the actor married in 2010 on the make-up artist Anna, who after the wedding took the name of her husband. March 22, 2011, the couple had a joint child – son Andrei. And also in the Zibrov family there is Anna's daughter Anastasia from her first marriage.

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